Gran Turismo 6

Global Total as of 28th May 2016 (units): 3.59m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Polyphony Digital Genre: Racing

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
07th December 20131863,751N/A863,751
14th December 20132378,472-56.2%1,242,223
21st December 20133271,871-28.2%1,514,094
28th December 20134221,667-18.5%1,735,761
04th January 20145120,005-45.9%1,855,766
11th January 2014650,971-57.5%1,906,737
18th January 2014746,539-8.7%1,953,276
25th January 2014844,713-3.9%1,997,989
01st February 2014953,97820.7%2,051,967
08th February 20141046,814-13.3%2,098,781

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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Kerotan (on 08 June 2016)
Yes that includes digital. It's had
good digital sales but I doubt it's
been insane. PS3 digital attach rate
was never super high and the game takes
up a lot of memory
leyendax69 (on 21 January 2016)
@OneKart: are those retail numbers? This
game it's been $15 digital for a while,
I bet it has insane digital sales
Roronaa_chan (on 16 December 2015)
Ofc Roborad is nowhere to be seen now
OneKartVita (on 15 December 2015)
Lol they just announced 4.71m for GT6.
It will hit easily. That's good
considering it launched in the year ps4
launched. Massive adjustments needed.
DamonSalvatore (on 19 September 2015)
NO, read the source!!
the same everywhere, it's VIRAG, which
is based his numbers on Vgchartz 2014,
NOT Sony, and NOT officially (PSU is not
an official website, and they are not
Sony, they have not corrected their
error.... PSU is bullshit)
All is
explain in every website which make that
' VIRAG does not specify the
source of their data, their numbers
closely match those displayed by
“VGChartz” in 2014 – an unofficial and
notoriously unreliable website which
provides rough estimates of video game
sales. Therefore, the numbers reported
in the court documents are unverified,
outdated, and almost certainly

So GT6 = 3,2M without
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