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03/21/14 Sony Computer Entertainment
05/22/14 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/21/14 Sony Computer Entertainment

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inFAMOUS™ Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, brings you an action adventure game where surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. Step into a locked-down Seattle as Delsin Rowe, who has recently discovered his superhuman power and is now capable of fighting back against the oppressive D.U.P. Enjoy your power as you choose how you will push your awesome abilities to the limit and witness the consequences of your actions as they affect the city and people around you.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 370,397 282,185 172,864 825,446
2 n/a 109,584 90,842 52,364 252,790
3 n/a 51,136 45,509 24,952 121,597
4 n/a 32,567 28,175 15,756 76,498
5 n/a 27,352 25,246 13,497 66,095
6 n/a 16,717 20,214 9,044 45,975
7 n/a 11,438 18,644 6,986 37,068
8 n/a 8,686 17,721 5,897 32,304
9 n/a 7,511 15,385 5,109 28,005
10 36,496 8,660 12,119 4,958 62,233

Opinion (70)

GabrielSantosMariano posted 14/02/2018, 08:53
Straightly same sales by Bloodborne. (2.94m.)
Bloodborne's still superior. (Current console confinement.) SS's second! (Stopped playing PS4 past 2015.)
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Mentore posted 19/12/2016, 07:23
Sucker Punch needs a new IP. They need to grow like Naughty Dog and make a more mature game.

Crash Bandicoot

Jak and Daxter
Sly Cooper


The Last of Us
(New IP)
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Dadrik posted 15/03/2016, 03:43
Really different games. inFAMOUS SS definitely feels more satisfying given the bombastic action scenes it can offer though. The movements are great as well.
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Mr Puggsly posted 15/02/2016, 03:12
I give The Last of Us the edge on story telling. But from a gameplay perspective, I enjoyed Infamous:SS more.
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SlayerRondo posted 12/02/2016, 03:47
Got to agree with Mt Puggsly on this one. While I think The Last of Us is better that Second Son it is my favourite PS4 1st party game for the PS4 thus far. Expect that to change with Uncharted 4.
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Mr Puggsly posted 07/02/2016, 06:08
Recently completed this game and I liked it more than I anticipated. Probably the best PS4 1st party game that isn't a PS3 port thus far.
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