Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Global Total as of 25th Jun 2016 (units): 5.84m
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Level 5 Genre: Role-Playing

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
11th July 200912,338,221N/A2,338,221
18th July 20092620,116-73.5%2,958,337
25th July 20093273,414-55.9%3,231,751
01st August 20094175,227-35.9%3,406,978
08th August 20095122,050-30.3%3,529,028
15th August 20096122,2330.1%3,651,261
22nd August 2009778,987-35.4%3,730,248
29th August 2009868,933-12.7%3,799,181
05th September 2009950,955-26.1%3,850,136
12th September 20091037,767-25.9%3,887,903

Japan Annual Summary (Units)



leyendax69 (on 27 July 2015)
@StreaK: yes I was wrong, my comment is
pretty old and I didn't really know how
much FF sold in japan, but still Dragon
Quest sells a little better
atma998 (on 09 July 2015)

DQIX sold near 1.5M outside
Skullwaker (on 04 July 2015)
@StreaK FFVIII isn't the fastest
selling JRPG of all time, that would be
Pokemon Black/White for the DS.
StreaK (on 21 June 2015)
@leyen: Huh??? FFVIII sold 3.63 million
in Japan and this did 4.35 million. Not
even close to double. It didn't even
sell a million more. Plus, FFVIII is
still the fastest-selling JRPG of all
time. Did over 2.5 million in one
Also, FF sells a million
throughout the entire world and DQ is
only relevant in Japan, really.
atma998 (on 01 September 2014)
Best selling DQ game ever at 5.74M, more
than 500k more than DQVIII.
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