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X360, PS3

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03/05/13 Konami Digital Entertainment
03/20/13 Konami Digital Entertainment
03/08/13 Konami Digital Entertainment

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Total Sales
1 n/a 18,248 7,405 4,430 30,083
2 n/a 4,757 3,091 1,225 9,073
3 13,068 819 1,726 282 15,895
4 3,068 508 2,204 243 6,023
5 1,070 748 1,299 242 3,359
6 649 618 998 194 2,459
7 520 429 740 138 1,827
8 461 403 1,032 150 2,046
9 552 296 1,108 131 2,087
10 411 251 912 110 1,684

Opinion (20)

supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 04:00
oh man,..... dat flopness
this game doesnt look cheap at all. i really blame the lack of advertising for this bad sales...i still think this number is way too low. prolly undertracked. plus its also available digitally and was part of a Nintendo club campaign too...
i dont know..what a shame
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Soma posted 18/09/2013, 01:32
Finally finished the game, a bit repetitive at first but once you learn more techniques I enjoyed more the combat system. Good game imo, nice story (although I didn't like the trevor-alucard stuff). Some musics are good but others a bit boring, I missed the classic Castlevania melodies. But overall I really enjoyed the game, I started it again but now on Hardcore :)
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Fusioncode posted 14/09/2013, 11:03
I disagree, just because they've been doing handheld metroidvanias doesn't mean they are all the same. Order of Ecclesia and Portrait of Ruin did a lot to mix up the gameplay. It's not like they kept making the same game over and over again, they stuck to the same genre but changed things up with each installment. Each of the DS games felt varied and unique.

I also loved those games, thought they were the best titles on the handheld. I hated this game however, felt like an awkward attempt to mimic Igarashi's style while adding in elements from Lords of Shadow. I'd much rather have another set of excellent metroidvanias than more of this game.
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oniyide posted 14/09/2013, 05:47
are you kidding Fusioncode? all they have been doing is metroidvanias, just about all the portable games since GBA have been metriodvanias, i for one im glad they are not just sticking to that formula and trying something different. Especially since none of those metroidvanias are as good as SOTN anyway
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Fusioncode posted 31/08/2013, 06:18
Maybe this will convince Konami to make some more metroidvanias
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DieAppleDie posted 16/05/2013, 02:37
unfair sales, although the games a bit of a mess
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