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10/23/12 Aksys Games
02/16/12 ChunSoft
11/16/12 Rising Star Games

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1 n/a 186 n/a 41 227
2 n/a 133 n/a 29 162
3 n/a 186 n/a 41 227
4 n/a 176 n/a 38 214
5 n/a 198 n/a 44 242
6 n/a 226 n/a 50 276
7 n/a 306 n/a 67 373
8 n/a 634 n/a 139 773
9 n/a 981 n/a 215 1,196
10 n/a 1,157 n/a 253 1,410

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Nautilus posted 01/08/2015, 09:07
Damn, its really frustating not to have the sales on this game, on both versions.But I imagine its a good assumption that is above 300k(those were the sales of the first one in the US), due to the fact that this is a niche genre, and such fans tend to be loyal(and this game being better than the first, which is already a fantastic game)
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algol29 posted 05/09/2013, 03:22
I just got it off Amazon for around $40 brand new, not the fake shrink wrap jobs some companies try to pass off as "new". 4 hours plus into the game, and can already tell that it is much better than its' predecessor, '999' (which I paid $25 for at the chain of game stores that rips EVERYBODY off).
You can skip '999' and go right to 'Virtue's Last Reward'. It is a much better game in all aspects, especially the voice acting, not because I don't like to read, but because the japanese voice overs add to the emotions of each character and the game's mood itself.
Like I said, I'm only 4 hours in, so I can only give this game an 8/10, with expectations of the rating going up as I continue playing.
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Vas-y posted 10/04/2013, 11:25
I gave this game a try because of the cheap price tag. Due to my low expectations this game surprised me in a big way. I'm very looking forward to the sequel.
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c0rd posted 17/03/2013, 04:22
No comments?! And where are the sales?

I just finished it, this gem deserves more attention =/
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thewastedyouth posted 02/02/2013, 03:42
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thewastedyouth posted 02/02/2013, 03:42
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