Bayonetta 2

Global Total as of 06th Dec 2014 (units): 0.45m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: PlatinumGames Genre: Action

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Skullwaker (1 day ago)
I'm pretty confident this will reach 1m lifetime. At the very least, 800-900k. W101 sold poorly yet had decent legs, and I think this will too.
curl-6 (1 day ago)
So much for ppl claiming this would be the next Wonderful 101 in sales
Meret (2 days ago)
The game is very undertracked. In France alone it sold ~60,000 copies as of beginning of december
Clyde32 (2 days ago)
Does ioi subscribe to NPD?
Metallox (2 days ago)
Those 70K never were confirmed though, it's just a rumor. We still don't have official numbers for the United States. So if those numbers are true, I think the game would be in realitty at 320K.
fluky-nintendy (2 days ago)
v That means it is overtracked by almost twice. I wouldn't be surprised at all.
deftodon (2 days ago)
As of november, the game did not yet reach 100k in US according to NPD.
Jissu (3 days ago)
Actually, this game sold better on the Wii U than the original 360 and PS3 versions when you count install base. To date, it has sold a little over .40m with a Wii U install base of about 8m. Bayonetta on the 360 sold .90m an install base of about 84m. Bayonetta on PS3 sold 1.17m with an install base of about 84m. Now, if you were to say that there were 84m Wii Us, Bayonetta 2 would sell roughly 4m. That doesn't sound like a failure to me.
DolPhanTendo (4 days ago)
I think it's doing well than what people think because my city of Stockton, California (350,000 people) does not have it anywhere. will hit a million easy
JTurner82 (5 days ago)
Looks like BAYONETTA 2 got a nice little increase over the Thanksgiving break. Should hit half a million by the end of the year.
Tlozjb (on 13 December 2014)
So with the France undertrackmente and digital, the game should already be around 0.44 - 0.46
Gammalad (on 12 December 2014)
So WW undertracked by 40k. I think for sure its on its way to 1M LTD.
ghettoglamour (on 11 December 2014)
Ouch :(
JTurner82 (on 06 December 2014)
So if we count the mistracked France sales, then that means this game is already over 400k.
bowserthedog (on 06 December 2014)
Mark my words. Lifetime WW sales will surpass a million for this game.
DarkRPGamer007 (on 05 December 2014)
Not too bad for an M game on Wii U. Maybe positive reviews helped a bit
Ryng_Tolu (on 04 December 2014)
By 40K. :D
Just in France. :D
Tippi (on 04 December 2014)
Massively undertracked in France. Should be around 60k.
Rogerioandrade (on 04 December 2014)
well.. well.. could be better, but its not completely failure. It seems that Nintendo subestimated the sales potential of this game. Hope they print more copies for the holidays
MegaDrive08 (on 29 November 2014)
Also both games are on the wara wara plaza, with a healthy amount of miis stood around each game, showing its a popular game.
JTurner82 (on 28 November 2014)
Quit your sarcasm. BAYONETTA 2 is doing pretty good so far. Like I said, it's outpaced W101, and even its legs following its release were even weaker than this game. Hey, during its first Thanksgiving its total wasn't even anywhere near where BAYONETTA 2 is now. In fact, it was below it. By the end of its first year it only did 125k! This has already done better than that, so I'm sorry to say, the argument about BAYONETTA 2 being a "failure" doesn't apply here. Not even close.
DrTregay (on 28 November 2014)
Wow great sales, look at those legs, operation platinum worked. Sike....
JTurner82 (on 28 November 2014)
Nonsense. BAYONETTA 2 has done solidly so far, and the whole NPD numbers are just a rumor. There's no proof. The only way we'll find out whether BAYONETTA 2 succeeded or not is through Nintendo financials. Whatever BAYO 2 is, it's no bomb. It's done pretty good so far and will continue to have legs as more people discover it. At the very least it has also outsold THE WONDERFUL 101. I say it'll hit about 500k by the end of the year.
Kerotan (on 28 November 2014)
It's an even bigger bomb because NPD numbers have been leaked and VGchartz has it way over tracked. Not just watch dogs the wii u owners aren't buying.
fluky-nintendy (on 27 November 2014)
Completely gone of the chartz unlike its predecessor that had huge legs. Huge BoMbA
aaron_dejohnson05 (on 24 November 2014)
Why your tolling ass impersonating Doctre DrTregay or whoever the hell you are?
Gammalad (on 24 November 2014)
Um that 68k NPD is just a rumor we won't know till the actual NPD comes out. The game had almost 90k pre-orders in the US, so I am doubting Nintendo understocked the game that much.
Apolinario (on 23 November 2014)
Hey DrTregay I'm sitting here enjoying Bayonetta 2 on my Wii U right now and then I'll spend some time with Shadows of Mordor on my PS4 while you sit here all butt hurt acting like a child. Poor DrTregay =( Both Nintendo and Sony are going to have a killer Christmas and that makes me very happy.
DrTregay (on 21 November 2014)
Operation platinum LMAO
Nuvendil (on 15 November 2014)
@Apolinario There are none :P It's chaos frankly; wild mass guessing and speculation. Just wait for the next quarterly announcements; the tracking is always madness during the holidays where shipments go into overdrive and ridiculous sales happen so it's not going to get any clearer.
Apolinario (on 14 November 2014)
Can you tell us where to find those NPD numbers please? I have a feeling that 70k is BS.
Gutbuster (on 14 November 2014)
Sadly, this one was overtracked by a country mile. NPD was released for October, so these numbers could use an adjustment. Such a great game, but the current sales are below these VGChartz figures.
SubiyaCryolite (on 14 November 2014)
Looks like I spoke too soon
Seece (on 14 November 2014)
70k on NPD October, 80k overtracked.

Which calls into question Europe numbers given the userbase and software sells a lot less there.

Looks to be about 120k First week WW?
bunchanumbers (on 13 November 2014)
Its doing pretty good. This isn't even including digital downloads, so the number should be better. I'm still hopeful it will be the best selling 3rd party game on Wii U. It certainly deserves it.
andrewclear (on 13 November 2014)

Sometimes that depends on the mindset of the publisher. I'm sure this game will either be a slight loss or barely profitable, but, Nintendo knows how to set a budget for a game, and they don't expect 1 million units sold, when their system only has 7 million owners.
chidori-chan2 (on 13 November 2014)
Only 15 k this week, droped like a rock!!1 No chance this game hit 1 million lifetime.
Nuvendil (on 13 November 2014)
For anyone curious, when you align the various region launches, Bayonetta outperformed Sunset Overdrive by several thousand. Neither did gangbusters but hey, a win's a win :P
Metallox (on 12 November 2014)
My prediction of this doing 400K by the end of the year it's going quite good. Don't know if that's good for Nintendo but to me it's acceptable, considering that this game was published on Wii U; "kiddy" console, third party software doesn't sell... all things considered.
DarkFury (on 12 November 2014)
Since Bayonetta 1 has well over 1M in sales and did not warrant a sequel from most publishers, and since development costs have skyrocketed since then, I don't think this will turn profit. However, Nintendo might well fund a sequel once again to please fans.
SubiyaCryolite (on 11 November 2014)
This game has done really well, it should pass 500k soon and that should be enough for profit and perhaps even consideration for a sequel.
andrewclear (on 11 November 2014)
Let's not forget digital sales. I read an article on gamasutra where Nintendo has stated that some titles sell 20% of their copies on the eshop (and some over 20%). Smash for 3DS was one of those.

Even if it was a 10% - 20% bump, that would really put this game into more solid territory for Nintendo, but, it will probably need to hit around 400-500k for them to consider a sequel.
zippy (on 09 November 2014)
Incredible game, and nice solid sales too! I see this doing 500k, and that would be good enough.
Apolinario (on 09 November 2014)
Yeah and that was ONE days worth of sales. If it does well on the Wii U in comparison to other Wii U titiles I'm confident we'll see Bayonetta 3 someday as another Wii U exclusive.
Emme (on 09 November 2014)
Holy cow, this game tops the Global charts ? Against FIFA, Evil Within, Destiny ?
Congrats, Nintendo, good find !
Apolinario (on 07 November 2014)
Hey Veritaz, doesn't matter. For the Wii U, considering the install base and other big releases it's doing incredibly well. That's a fact. And if it continues to do well I'm sure Nintendo will finance Bayonetta 3 as another exclusive for Wii U. I'm loving the game and considering the sales numbers I may just get a chance to play Bayonetta 3. That's what really matters.
veritaz (on 07 November 2014)
This is doing better than expected but still way behind the original. @MegaDriver08 I think you're confused because those people are right about the sales numbers. It didn't beat the original because the first week was only released in Japan and came up to 203-4k. The first week for everywhere else combined outsold more than Japan first week by a lot.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 07 November 2014)
a better than expected launch, will probably sell over time and the best, holidays are coming!!
MegaDrive08 (on 07 November 2014)
You trolls in here realise its sold better than the original at launch that was on two platforms with huge install bases, so really who doesn't buy games? This will end up with a better attach rate than the first game, spin it what ever way you want the game has 25000 sales not including digital, on its way to pass 300,000, oh and hows it feel you will never get this game? Lol go cry in a corner butt hurt trolls.
DrTregay (on 07 November 2014)
@ rdrunner1178 Poor sales are poor sales. Stop making excuses and buy this game.
Dadrik (on 06 November 2014)
"We have stellar games, but we don't buy them" WiiU owners
rdrunner1178 (on 06 November 2014)
@DrTregay, it outsold everything else for the week, on any system? This is only the second week it is out. Seems a little early to be slamming the sales. It didn't sell COD numbers or Mario Kart numbers, but not many games do. (on 06 November 2014)
Best game of the Year POS4 and Xbox None fans are so mad all the awesome games are on the WiiU XD and in 2015 if you dont have a WiiU prepare to be disappointed because Nintendo released its Q2 earnings and while Sony and Microsoft are loosing billions Nintendo is Making Billions it truly is a great time to be a WiiU owner ^_^
darkneal (on 06 November 2014)
I was impressed with these sales but its so weird that these figures are considered a big sales success..good ol' Wii U.
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 06 November 2014)
@DrTregay, these aren't bad sales lol
DrTregay (on 06 November 2014)
So much for operation platinum. I said once, i will say it again nintendo fanboys only buy mario.
bunchanumbers (on 06 November 2014)
The game is fantastic. It deserves all the sales it can get. Including digital sales it should be around 300k FW sales.
nugget (on 05 November 2014)
I hope this is less creepy that the first Bayonetta.
ExplodingBlock (on 05 November 2014)
This took many US FW sales predictions and destroyed them!
ZyroXZ2 (on 05 November 2014)
I sure hope this tops 1 million, it deserves it in every way!
ArcOfTheHAlfMoon (on 05 November 2014)
Well, it's already caught up to W101 in sales, so it has a good start. Hope it keeps up the pace.
TreeTurtle (on 05 November 2014)
Do you think that Operation Platinum is still a reality for Bayonetta 2?
Qwark (on 05 November 2014)
Well it did do pretty good, hopefully next week over 300k and close to 500k after the holidays.
Zekkyou (on 30 October 2014)
@bnuyen Based on my time with it, yeah, B2 is a fantastic game. Maybe even the best title of 2014 thus far (my personalty favorite game of the year is TLOU:R, but it's not really fair to count that :p), but nothing is perfect to everyone. There are 100's of genres that appeal to 100's of different types of people.

I'd also agree that Bayonetta 2 is gorgeous but because of its art direction, not its graphics. Graphics means stuff like resolution, anti-aliasing, textures and texture filtering, polygon counts, particle engines, shaders etc. In that respect, B2 is fairly average. That doesn't mean it looks average, thanks to the aforementioned art direction it looks great, but if you praise it for things it doesn't deserve to be praised for, you're taking away credit from the artists who worked their asses off to make B2 look as good as it does on hardware as limited as the WiiU's.

We all have preference and biases. You mustn't criticize people for having different ones to you. It makes you look like someone who lets theirs manipulate them. (on 27 October 2014)
@Zekkyou hope you have played it. cause this game is un real man the Graphics are gorgeous, Bayonetta2 is literally the best game the gaming industry has put out this year. Thanks Nintendo for always giving us the best Quality games. shame on you Sony and Microsoft ...Yall missed it!!!! XD and to all the haters, the game is out and its sublime Perfection at its best and no one can deny it. I repeat IF YOU SAY ANYTHING against this game is purely because you just have not played it or just have bad taste. Game Spot calls it perfect and it gave it a 10/10 review so did edge magazine and I agree man thank you Nintendo! and if Nintendo is going to start releasing awesome quality third party like this than I CANT WAIT FOR DEVILS THIRD only on WiiU baby Jass ^_~
Zekkyou (on 27 October 2014)
@bnuyen I'd say there is quite a long list of titles with better graphics than B2, even if we confine the list to only titles releasing from now until the end of the year :p Its art direction is great (a tad hit and miss, but the same can be said of most games), but on a graphics levels it's pretty damn ugly. Its only redeeming factor is the frame rate, but even that leaves a lot to be desired in stability.

Half agree on gameplay though. It's too early to name any one game the best, but based on my time with B2 it will certainly be hard to trump in that respect. (on 24 October 2014)
Perfection at its finest ...according to Game Spot and Edge Magazine and I agree ...I feel bad for all f those who dont have this game. This the Game of the Year no doubt in my mind ...far better in graphics and game play than anything that's come out on any console this year.
OfficerRaichu15 (on 23 October 2014)
doubled the originals XD
in preorders
Gammalad (on 20 October 2014)
I am expecting about 70k total US Pre-orders, which means the first week sales could be about 200k
Pillow (on 09 October 2014)
Expecting good legs. Could reach 1M before Jan 2016.
ExplodingBlock (on 06 October 2014)
50k pre orders in NA
FarleyMcFirefly (on 02 October 2014)
So stoked for this!!!
KLAMarine (on 29 September 2014)
I honestly don't care how many it sells. I just hope it sells enough whether that be 100k or one million. (on 05 September 2014)
omg she looks sick on the peach, daisy, and so foxy on the star fox out fits augh!!! that direct when by quick quick man sexy cant wait to get this bitch. (on 04 September 2014)
100k pre orders already just in the US alone and we still got 2 more months cant wait for this game!! :D (on 04 September 2014)
pre oderd ^_^ ...I dont see no problem in this game selling well over a million its an awesome game. Lol the ps4 and xbox fans even had to be told to stop asking for a bayonetta 2 for the ps4 or xbox1 by the Platinum Games CEO cause it will never happen.
there is even Bayonetta movie I watch it its awesome. for people like me who played the first game its a must no questions asked.
but even for those who did not even played the first one its also good cause it also includes the first game so you get two games for one.
its a great game and all the trolls in the comment section wish they could play it and all the bayonetta fans like me cant wait to get it.
chidori-chan2 (on 29 August 2014)
This game will never hit 1 million in WII U lol
drake_tolu (on 28 August 2014)
@fleischr lol. :P
fleischr (on 22 August 2014)
#OperationPlatinum aims to make this a million seller!
ExplodingBlock (on 22 August 2014)
yay 40k pre order!
ExplodingBlock (on 07 August 2014)
Will it do 40k pre order when it launches?
gcube2000 (on 04 August 2014)
This game will break a million easily with the hype it has in America and Japan.
drake_tolu (on 15 July 2014)
The first Bayonetta for XBOX 360 in the USA have had less of 35.000 pre order the week of coming... and the 2, have more of 36.000 pre order, when the game will coming between 4 month...
qwertyDANIELqwerty (on 01 July 2014)
Great Pre-order numbers for only being U.S. pre-orders, when there is even more hype in Japan.
Hibern81 (on 27 June 2014)
I thought there would be a bigger bump after they announced that a download code for the original Bayonetta was going to be included with part 2. Oh well. It got me to pre-order.
NintendoSupporter (on 07 April 2014)
@drake_tolu IKR!
drake_tolu (on 03 April 2014)
30.000 pre order.
And the game not have a date...
and there's still people who say that will be a flop?
chidori-chan2 (on 02 April 2014)
As for Bayonetta 2, pains me to say, but I have a BAD feeling that it's going to bomb hard. SADLY...................
NintendoSupporter (on 01 April 2014)
Cool, joined the preorder charts.
drake_tolu (on 21 March 2014)
@Fleischr The Game Have almost 30.000 pre order!!!
fleischr (on 19 February 2014)
What are the pre-orders at now?
drake_tolu (on 12 February 2014)
My beautiful witch
Pillow (on 14 December 2013)
This is the second most pre-ordered game on Wii U in the US atm, with 23k. And we don't even have a launch date yet. Only beaten by DKCR, which is 10$ cheaper + releases in 2 months. + it's beating Mario Kart 8 which is supposed to be released way before (in spring vs possibly Fall)
I think it will sell better than most expects. Just stick a pre-order bonus with it and call it a day.
tbone51 (on 16 July 2013)
i hope this game breaks a million! Day 1 for me!
DietSoap (on 04 March 2013)
3 million, going to crush the 360/PS3 sales of the first!
think-man (on 10 December 2012)
700K LTD im guessing.
swii26 (on 30 November 2012)
Can't wait for this title!!
Red4ADevil (on 16 September 2012)
Ironicaly enough it doesn't exist (for Wii U) under "Tag Game" when making a thread.
Darth Naner (on 14 September 2012)
It's published by Nintendo, not Platinum Games. And it's not "also on" PS3 and 360. :)


Skullwaker (1 day ago)
I'm pretty confident this will reach 1m
lifetime. At the very least, 800-900k.
W101 sold poorly yet had decent legs,
and I think this will too.
curl-6 (1 day ago)
So much for ppl claiming this would be
the next Wonderful 101 in sales
Meret (2 days ago)
The game is very undertracked. In France
alone it sold ~60,000 copies as of
beginning of december
Clyde32 (2 days ago)
Does ioi subscribe to NPD?
Metallox (2 days ago)
Those 70K never were confirmed though,
it's just a rumor. We still don't have
official numbers for the United States.
So if those numbers are true, I think
the game would be in realitty at 320K.
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