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06/26/12 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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06/22/12 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - Summary

Batman™ is back to save Gotham City and the action is only getting started!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group team up once again to bring you LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes, the highly-anticipated sequel to the best-selling LEGO® game of all time, featuring the most powerful Super Heroes in the DC Comics universe.

The dynamic duo Batman and Robin™ join Wonder Woman™, Superman™, Green Lantern™, and the other Heroes of the DC Universe to save Gotham City from destruction at the hands of the notorious villains Lex Luthor™ and The Joker™. Batman fans of all ages can enjoy an original story filled with classic LEGO videogame action and humor as players fight to put the villains back behind bars.


  • Features sets and characters from the LEGO® Super Heroes: DC Universe toy collection, including the Batcave and much, much more.

  • Explore all new areas of Gotham City in a variety of vehicles including the Batmobile and Batwing

  • Fight for justice by mastering new gadgets and suits like Robin’s Hazard Cannon or Batman’s Power Suit Hazard Cannon

  • Use all-new abilities including flight, super-breath and heat vision

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a n/a 16,052 2,800 18,852
2 n/a 102,000 15,375 17,922 135,297
3 n/a 42,423 9,747 8,039 60,209
4 n/a 25,739 7,270 5,114 38,123
5 n/a 23,370 7,465 4,794 35,629
6 n/a 16,535 5,258 3,388 25,181
7 n/a 13,728 5,151 2,952 21,831
8 n/a 12,224 4,829 2,672 19,725
9 n/a 8,645 5,062 2,175 15,882
10 n/a 7,516 4,250 1,865 13,631

Opinion (5)

Fededx posted 17/12/2013, 11:47
Another million seller for the Wii! Awesome! Lego games sold better on Wii through the whole generation.
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Arfen posted 10/07/2013, 05:08
@Fededx I'm agree. This has the chance to hit the million mark
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Fededx posted 24/06/2013, 03:11
0.85 m, I think it's got a chance to reach a million, maybe by this year's end :)
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Salnax posted 08/09/2012, 05:52
I don't think so.
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spurgeonryan posted 18/07/2012, 05:42
Can we add this to the million seller club for the Wii? By Christmas?
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