Ninja Gaiden 3

Global Total as of 30th Apr 2016 (units): 0.44m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Wii U
Developer: Team Ninja Genre: Action

UK First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
24th March 201211,546N/A1,546
31st March 20122960-37.9%2,506
07th April 20123269-72.0%2,775
14th April 2012429911.2%3,074
21st April 20125192-35.8%3,266
28th April 20126560191.7%3,826
05th May 20127167-70.2%3,993
12th May 20128140-16.2%4,133
19th May 2012992-34.3%4,225
26th May 201210953.3%4,320

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brwnbear (on 18 October 2012)
I am sadden by Tecmo's loss of Itagaki
and some members HIS Team Ninja. They
left after disagreements of unpaid
bonuses. Also Itagaki was accused of
sexual misconduct in the workplace but
Japanese court found him not guilty. So
he was pissed and left.

The Sigma 1&2
remakes were based on of Itagakis'
Team. NG Sigmas did well because of how
closely it was to NG/NG Black.

NG is
know for its fluid combo system with a
variety of upgradable weapons. It was
brutal at first but finding the rythmn
to the game was rewarding and addicting.
Thats what made it great. Story was
never really a hard point. Especially in
the DOA series, it really made no sense.
But customers liked the mechanics and
responsive fluid gameplay.

detached itself from all that made it
successful. It became stale with the
"one" stock sword (yea I know he gets
different swords and minus DLC). It's
not upgradable and no other weapons to
master. Half the fun was knowing what
combos with what weapons worked on each
enemy. Just compare the Move Lists of
the Dragon Blade/Archfield blade with
the NG1/NG2 move lists. No Flails, no
giant ass swords, and to get just get 2
more weapons you have to grab DLC. NG2
had about 9 main weapons, 4 projectiles,
and 4 ninpos. All stock, all had a
different rhythm. Knowing when to absorb
the types of Essence was important for
Ult Techs.

Countering, Blocking,
reverse winding, ult teching, memorizing
combos. That was NG, you mess up,
that's all on you.

No healing
items, just the one Ninpo that Clears
the screen and eats enemies. Prior
Ninpos would either buy you some
breathing room or were not able to kill

Stealth?! Stealth is not
what I think of when I hear NG. I hear
Tenchu when i hear stealth in a ninja

Oh hey and Quick Time Events,
everyone loves those. Screw the story,
customers liked the variety of fluid
attacks Ryu could do. Alma, the Ghost
Fish, and the Camera were insanely
difficult sometimes. Just walking around
Ghost Fish was a chore. NG3 is watered
down and without the true Leader of the
Team Ninja Clan.

It was bad ass
when you got a Master Ninja completion
screen. You felt like you played a good
game. This is not a good game.

Mr Puggsly (on 20 May 2012)
Ouch, if DOA 5 is a flop I think its
over for Team Ninja.
AndrewWK (on 30 April 2012)
This game is a disaster
Heavenly_King (on 22 April 2012)
The action in this game is the best from
the 3. It is fast paced and frenetic.
The new slide offers Ryu more mobility,
allowing the player to chain his
attacks to more enemies. The camera is
still bad like in NG2. They should get
the camera much further in order to
allow you to see your surroundings. So
gameplay wise is better, but it does
less stuff in the other departments,
like exploration, collectables. The
game is really fun, and Hard as ever.
I have always had a hard time in
"hard" mode in all NG games, and this
is no different; it IS HARD. The good
thing is that this time around the
checkpoint system is more friendly

If you enjoyed NG1/NGS1, and
NG2/NGS2 you must buy this game.
Heavenly_King (on 30 March 2012)
soooo.... 0 sales?
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