Tomb Raider (2013)

Global Total as of 29th Jul 2017 (units): 0.35m
Platform: Microsoft WindowsAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Crystal Dynamics Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
09th March 2013273,765N/AN/A
16th March 2013228,354-61.6%N/A
23rd March 2013217,678-37.7%N/A
30th March 2013214,664-17.0%N/A
06th April 201329,519-35.1%N/A
13th April 201325,554-41.7%N/A
20th April 201324,140-25.5%N/A
27th April 201322,793-32.5%N/A
04th May 201322,146-23.2%N/A
11th May 201321,494-30.4%N/A
18th May 201321,5121.2%N/A
25th May 201321,5945.4%N/A
01st June 201321,81313.7%N/A
08th June 201321,8632.8%N/A
15th June 201321,9746.0%N/A
22nd June 201321,804-8.6%N/A
29th June 201321,98510.0%N/A
06th July 201321,818-8.4%N/A
13th July 201321,574-13.4%N/A
20th July 201321,223-22.3%N/A
27th July 201321,43617.4%N/A
03rd August 201321,390-3.2%N/A
10th August 201321,4192.1%N/A
17th August 201321,141-19.6%N/A
24th August 201321,005-11.9%N/A
31st August 201321,15915.3%N/A
07th September 201321,31313.3%N/A
14th September 20132924-29.6%N/A
21st September 20132806-12.8%N/A
28th September 2013294016.6%N/A
05th October 201321,03810.4%N/A
12th October 20132989-4.7%N/A
19th October 20132787-20.4%N/A
26th October 2013294319.8%N/A
02nd November 201321,17324.4%N/A
09th November 201321,73547.9%N/A
16th November 201302,45641.6%N/A
23rd November 201323,56945.3%N/A
30th November 201323,7535.2%N/A
07th December 201324,23912.9%N/A
14th December 201325,30625.2%N/A
21st December 201326,95931.2%N/A
28th December 201325,669-18.5%N/A
04th January 201422,848-49.8%N/A
11th January 201422,027-28.8%N/A
18th January 201421,401-30.9%N/A
25th January 201421,062-24.2%N/A
01st February 201421,21414.3%N/A
08th February 201421,064-12.4%N/A
15th February 20142793-25.5%N/A
22nd February 201421,18148.9%N/A
01st March 20142705-40.3%N/A
08th March 2014290528.4%N/A
15th March 20142773-14.6%N/A
22nd March 201421,07639.2%N/A
29th March 20142956-11.2%N/A
05th April 20142887-7.2%N/A
12th April 201421,16130.9%N/A
19th April 20142947-18.4%N/A
26th April 20142575-39.3%N/A
03rd May 20142481-16.3%N/A
10th May 20142424-11.9%N/A
17th May 2014246710.1%N/A
24th May 201425119.4%N/A
31st May 2014277251.1%N/A
07th June 20142724-6.2%N/A
14th June 20142682-5.8%N/A
21st June 20142576-15.5%N/A
28th June 20142570-1.0%N/A
05th July 2014263110.7%N/A
12th July 20142412-34.7%N/A
19th July 201424161.0%N/A
26th July 20142334-19.7%N/A
02nd August 2014242025.7%N/A
09th August 20142411-2.1%N/A
16th August 20142333-19.0%N/A
23rd August 20142279-16.2%N/A
30th August 2014236029.0%N/A
06th September 2014241214.4%N/A
13th September 20142352-14.6%N/A
20th September 201423828.5%N/A
27th September 2014258352.6%N/A
04th October 20142561-3.8%N/A
11th October 2014281745.6%N/A
18th October 20142560-31.5%N/A
25th October 201425905.4%N/A
01st November 2014271020.3%N/A
08th November 20142512-27.9%N/A
15th November 2014260418.0%N/A
22nd November 2014287344.5%N/A
29th November 201422,620200.1%N/A
06th December 201425,496109.8%N/A
13th December 201423,753-31.7%N/A
20th December 201422,404-35.9%N/A
27th December 201423,14230.7%N/A
03rd January 20152979-68.8%N/A
10th January 201521,38641.6%N/A
17th January 20152799-42.4%N/A
24th January 20152632-20.9%N/A
31st January 20152564-10.8%N/A
07th February 20152478-15.2%N/A
14th February 20152446-6.7%N/A
21st February 2015255324.0%N/A
28th February 201525703.1%N/A
07th March 20152550-3.5%N/A
14th March 2015260810.5%N/A
21st March 20152495-18.6%N/A
28th March 2015287977.6%N/A
04th April 201521,07622.4%N/A
11th April 20152908-15.6%N/A
18th April 20152664-26.9%N/A
25th April 20152518-22.0%N/A
02nd May 20152378-27.0%N/A
09th May 2015245420.1%N/A
16th May 201524826.2%N/A
23rd May 20152349-27.6%N/A
30th May 201523582.6%N/A
06th June 2015243621.8%N/A
13th June 20152425-2.5%N/A
20th June 201524618.5%N/A
27th June 20152290-37.1%N/A
04th July 20152284-2.1%N/A
11th July 2015237833.1%N/A
18th July 201523913.4%N/A
25th July 201523951.0%N/A
01st August 2015250427.6%N/A
08th August 20152349-30.8%N/A
15th August 2015266690.8%N/A
22nd August 20152613-8.0%N/A
29th August 20152540-11.9%N/A
05th September 20152457-15.4%N/A
12th September 2015266946.4%N/A
19th September 20152661-1.2%N/A
26th September 201526681.1%N/A
03rd October 2015275813.5%N/A
10th October 20152342-54.9%N/A
17th October 20152289-15.5%N/A
24th October 2015244052.2%N/A
31st October 2015253621.8%N/A
07th November 2015268327.4%N/A
14th November 201521,21577.9%N/A
21st November 201521,96761.9%N/A
28th November 201523,09957.5%N/A
05th December 201522,523-18.6%N/A
12th December 201521,939-23.1%N/A
19th December 201523,62987.2%N/A
26th December 201523,8445.9%N/A
02nd January 201622,297-40.2%N/A
09th January 201621,052-54.2%N/A
16th January 20162546-48.1%N/A
23rd January 201625500.7%N/A
30th January 2016271930.7%N/A
06th February 2016279911.1%N/A
13th February 2016298122.8%N/A
20th February 201621,0173.7%N/A
27th February 20162792-22.1%N/A
05th March 20162625-21.1%N/A
12th March 2016278225.1%N/A
19th March 20162771-1.4%N/A
26th March 20162718-6.9%N/A
02nd April 2016284617.8%N/A
09th April 20162696-17.7%N/A
16th April 20162543-22.0%N/A
23rd April 201625898.5%N/A
30th April 201626296.8%N/A
07th May 20162590-6.2%N/A
14th May 20162451-23.6%N/A
21st May 20162414-8.2%N/A
28th May 201624344.8%N/A
04th June 201621,026136.4%N/A
11th June 20162456-55.6%N/A
18th June 20162401-12.1%N/A
25th June 20162361-10.0%N/A
02nd July 20162323-10.5%N/A
09th July 20162292-9.6%N/A
16th July 20162259-11.3%N/A
23rd July 20162234-9.7%N/A
30th July 20162208-11.1%N/A
06th August 20162183-12.0%N/A
13th August 20162163-10.9%N/A
20th August 20162148-9.2%N/A
27th August 20162136-8.1%N/A
03rd September 20162119-12.5%N/A
10th September 20162110-7.6%N/A
17th September 20162104-5.5%N/A
24th September 2016299-4.8%N/A
01st October 2016291-8.1%N/A
08th October 2016271-22.0%N/A
15th October 2016267-5.6%N/A
22nd October 2016259-11.9%N/A
29th October 2016254-8.5%N/A
05th November 2016250-7.4%N/A
12th November 2016247-6.0%N/A
19th November 20162494.3%N/A
26th November 201626124.5%N/A
03rd December 20162610.0%N/A
10th December 2016258-4.9%N/A
17th December 20162603.4%N/A
24th December 201626711.7%N/A
31st December 2016234-49.3%N/A
07th January 2017211-67.6%N/A
18th February 201721,46613,227.3%N/A
25th February 20172474-67.7%N/A
04th March 20172223-53.0%N/A
11th March 20172153-31.4%N/A
18th March 20172139-9.2%N/A
25th March 2017215813.7%N/A
01st April 2017221536.1%N/A
08th April 201722327.9%N/A
15th April 20172201-13.4%N/A
22nd April 20172189-6.0%N/A
29th April 2017222318.0%N/A
06th May 201722355.4%N/A
13th May 20172208-11.5%N/A
20th May 201722226.7%N/A
27th May 20172153-31.1%N/A
03rd June 201721540.7%N/A
10th June 20172149-3.2%N/A
17th June 20172134-10.1%N/A
24th June 201721393.7%N/A
01st July 201721475.8%N/A
08th July 201721587.5%N/A
15th July 2017286-45.6%N/A
22nd July 2017260-30.2%N/A
29th July 2017217-71.7%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.


thewastedyouth (on 01 July 2013)
pretty sad, the PC version is better
than the console and I bet all the scum
pirated it so now game developers will
just port console games ot pc
oliist (on 12 June 2011)
Do NOT change the name!!!
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