Tomb Raider (2013)

Global Total as of 10th Jan 2015 (units): 0.31m
Platform: Microsoft WindowsAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Crystal Dynamics Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
09th March 2013273,765N/AN/A
16th March 2013228,354-61.6%N/A
23rd March 2013217,678-37.7%N/A
30th March 2013214,664-17.0%N/A
06th April 201329,519-35.1%N/A
13th April 201325,554-41.7%N/A
20th April 201324,140-25.5%N/A
27th April 201322,793-32.5%N/A
04th May 201322,146-23.2%N/A
11th May 201321,494-30.4%N/A
18th May 201321,5121.2%N/A
25th May 201321,5945.4%N/A
01st June 201321,81313.7%N/A
08th June 201321,8632.8%N/A
15th June 201321,9746.0%N/A
22nd June 201321,804-8.6%N/A
29th June 201321,98510.0%N/A
06th July 201321,818-8.4%N/A
13th July 201321,574-13.4%N/A
20th July 201321,223-22.3%N/A
27th July 201321,43617.4%N/A
03rd August 201321,390-3.2%N/A
10th August 201321,4192.1%N/A
17th August 201321,141-19.6%N/A
24th August 201321,005-11.9%N/A
31st August 201321,15915.3%N/A
07th September 201321,31313.3%N/A
14th September 20132924-29.6%N/A
21st September 20132806-12.8%N/A
28th September 2013294016.6%N/A
05th October 201321,03810.4%N/A
12th October 20132989-4.7%N/A
19th October 20132928-6.2%N/A
26th October 201321,11219.8%N/A
02nd November 201321,38324.4%N/A
09th November 201322,04647.9%N/A
16th November 201323,07050.0%N/A
23rd November 201324,20837.1%N/A
30th November 201324,4265.2%N/A
07th December 201324,99812.9%N/A
14th December 201326,25725.2%N/A
21st December 201328,20631.1%N/A
28th December 201326,685-18.5%N/A
04th January 201423,359-49.8%N/A
11th January 201422,390-28.8%N/A
18th January 201421,653-30.8%N/A
25th January 201421,253-24.2%N/A
01st February 201421,43114.2%N/A
08th February 201421,255-12.3%N/A
15th February 20142935-25.5%N/A
22nd February 201421,39349.0%N/A
01st March 20142831-40.3%N/A
08th March 201421,06828.5%N/A
15th March 20142911-14.7%N/A
22nd March 201421,26939.3%N/A
29th March 201421,128-11.1%N/A
05th April 201421,046-7.3%N/A
12th April 201421,36930.9%N/A
19th April 201421,156-15.6%N/A
26th April 20142701-39.4%N/A
03rd May 20142588-16.1%N/A
10th May 20142519-11.7%N/A
17th May 2014257110.0%N/A
24th May 201426249.3%N/A
31st May 2014294351.1%N/A
07th June 20142885-6.2%N/A
14th June 20142833-5.9%N/A
21st June 20142704-15.5%N/A
28th June 20142696-1.1%N/A
05th July 2014277010.6%N/A
12th July 20142504-34.5%N/A
19th July 201425080.8%N/A
26th July 20142408-19.7%N/A
02nd August 2014251325.7%N/A
09th August 20142503-1.9%N/A
16th August 20142406-19.3%N/A
23rd August 20142341-16.0%N/A
30th August 2014244029.0%N/A
06th September 2014250414.5%N/A
13th September 20142430-14.7%N/A
20th September 201424668.4%N/A
27th September 2014271353.0%N/A
04th October 20142685-3.9%N/A
11th October 2014299945.8%N/A
18th October 201421,0353.6%N/A
25th October 20142999-3.5%N/A
01st November 201421,0808.1%N/A
08th November 201421,050-2.8%N/A
15th November 201421,16511.0%N/A
22nd November 201421,61038.2%N/A
29th November 201423,916143.2%N/A
06th December 201427,04579.9%N/A
13th December 201425,139-27.1%N/A
20th December 201423,673-28.5%N/A
27th December 201424,44821.1%N/A
03rd January 201522,440-45.1%N/A
10th January 201521,635-33.0%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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thewastedyouth (on 01 July 2013)
pretty sad, the PC version is better
than the console and I bet all the scum
pirated it so now game developers will
just port console games ot pc
oliist (on 12 June 2011)
Do NOT change the name!!!
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