Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure

Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 0.27m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Sega Genre: Misc

UK First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
07th April 20121243N/A243
14th April 201221,135367.1%1,378
21st April 20123605-46.7%1,983
28th April 20124158-73.9%2,141
05th May 20125571261.4%2,712
12th May 20126128-77.6%2,840
19th May 2012720560.2%3,045
26th May 2012844-78.5%3,089
02nd June 20129244454.5%3,333
09th June 201210175-28.3%3,508

UK Annual Summary (Units)



Gammalad (on 19 July 2014)
Should have got this game when I
Cheddarchet (on 08 January 2014)
Wow, seems like this was hugely
underprinted in the U.S. The sales are
low, but I wonder how much of that has
to do with the game being difficult to
find? In any case, it's nowhere near my
area as far as I can tell, and Amazon
has new copies going for $130.00 right
sundin13 (on 26 November 2012)
uhhh...what exactly is going on in the
USA sales section @.@
Ganoncrotch (on 09 September 2012)
now being ported to ios as some some of
free app where you buy the individual
stages sort of like Maestro jump in
rhythm went up on the nintendo eshop,
it's a bit of a shame to see really but
I guess they just didn't do a whole lot
to make money from this on the 3ds
pitting it up against theatrhythm final
fantasy, altho saying that 140k copies
for a game like this probably turned a
fair profit.
Ganoncrotch (on 04 August 2012)
I get how nintendo slowed the release of
this game in america so it didn't come
out the same time as Kid icarus to draw
attention to that... but now it has
launched in the shadow of theatrhythm
final fantasy, a far superior and
content filled rhythm game. Such a shame
since this was cool in europe as a stop
gap for the few months before FF came
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