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10/31/06 Vivendi Games
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11/10/06 Vivendi Games

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Date Title User
11th Jan 2011 Saving Medkits ioi
11th Jan 2011 Fight against Assassin Super Soldiers ioi
28th Mar 2011 Unlimited Automatic Pistol Ammo ioi
28th Mar 2011 Office Space references in Interval 04 ioi
28th Mar 2011 Finding Alma without her disappearing ioi
28th Mar 2011 Defeating Assassin Super Soldiers ioi
28th Mar 2011 Shogo: Mobile Armor Division references in Labdog ioi

Cheat codes

Date Title User
10th Jan 2011 All levels unlocked (1) ioi
24th Feb 2011 Look inside the guide for: (0) ioi
03rd Mar 2011 Unlock all Levels (0) ioi


Date Title User
10th Jan 2011 Achievements (47) ioi
04th Mar 2011 Full List of Achievements (0) ioi

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1 n/a 32,100 n/a 5,665 37,765
2 n/a 28,635 n/a 5,053 33,688
3 n/a 21,772 n/a 3,842 25,614
4 n/a 18,263 n/a 3,223 21,486
5 n/a 13,750 n/a 2,426 16,176
6 n/a 14,541 n/a 2,566 17,107
7 n/a 15,142 n/a 2,672 17,814
8 n/a 10,321 n/a 1,821 12,142
9 n/a 5,122 n/a 904 6,026
10 n/a 4,100 n/a 724 4,824

Opinion (6)

busbfran posted 01/06/2013, 12:40
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thewastedyouth posted 04/07/2012, 04:26
I bought all three F.E.A.R games for like 30 bucks the other day, the first one is a FREAKING MASTERPIECE. Get as many people that you can play this, what an amazing story and the gameplay is like nothing before. The a.i is simply amazing, you are in a firefight and enemies actually go around and attack you from all sides, they take cover and they are just so smart compared to other games, atmosphere is superb and the way dust covers everything when you shoot. hell yeah

the second game is pretty standard, why the hell did they changed so much!!!
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Gothzilla posted 29/09/2009, 10:21
this is an amazing game great story good even better gameplay.
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DanBal76 posted 12/03/2008, 03:15
F.E.A.R. was an awesome PC shooter when it first came out. Now about the 360 port. Well, it's, in my opinion, an overall good port, but it could easily have been better. The graphics are faithfully recreated, as well as the sound, and the performance is good. The problem are the controls. Not that they are horrible, but not very polished either. The aim works well, but the aim assist is simple awful, sometimes making aiming harder than easier, and the worst part, you can't turn it off. The walking sensibility is also horrible; it's hard to make the character walk, and when you do, the animation is the same same as he running - laughable. The 360 version can be entertaining and it does retain the feel of the PC original, but if you have a PC that can run F.E.A.R. properly (and nowdays that shouldn't be hard) stick with the PC version.
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Gangster_Gamer posted 22/02/2008, 06:46
How did this game sell half a mil but still no one is online?
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davepete22 posted 04/01/2008, 04:51
A definite disappointment
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