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You are Ball, an alien with telekinetic powers and no limbs. An evil scientist has captured you and is forcing you to play his little game so he can unlock the secrets of your powers. You must survive in order to escape! 

At its core, Ball's Plight is a classic game of ball and paddle. Touch the ball to the paddle to increase your score, reach the goal score to advance to the next level while earning points.

* High-score recording, try to best your own high scores!
* Quick and simple gameplay, perfect for boring meetings!
* Wacky graphics and sound

New features in v1.2:
- Omega Ball powerup added
- Bomb block added
- Store up to 5 high scores at a time
- Upload scores to online leaderboards!
- Smoother framerate

Added in 1.1:
- Autosave on level up (does not save if you lose all lives or quit voluntarily)
- Break 5 blocks for an extra life
- Vibration option (iPhone only)


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