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It's your chance to become a really great ape. Catch runaway blondes and protect them from your enemies. If you lose 3 blondes, your mission is failed. Use both your brain and testosterone to keep as many blondes in your nest as possible.

Humans and apes have many similarities. Big apes share over 90% of our DNA. This might explain why big apes love blondes Animal testing of the game reveals that gorillas prefer Big Apes Love Blondes to other iPhone games. Watch our secret video tapes on http://www.novocortex.com/big-apes-love-blondes/

Download Big Apes Love Blondes to test the game on humans. Please, immediately report results of your experiments by leaving a comment. Disclaimer: no brunettes were harmed in the making of this game.

Rules of Big Apes Love Blondes:
- Catch runaway blondes with TWO fingers and drag them back to your nest (the game uses the multi-touch technology of iPhone).
- Protect blondes from your enemies by hitting the enemy with ONE finger.
- Keep as many blondes on screen as you can. If you lose 3 blondes, the game is over.
- Receive 10 points for each level and 5 points for each blonde kept on screen.
- Be aware of brunettes! If you catch a brunette, you lose 10 points.


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