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It's challenging, it's fun, it's 3 games in 1! It's a Blob Eat Blob world out there. GET SOME!

Blob Eat Blob:
A fun small Blob in a BIG Universe adventure. Guide your Blob to the top of the galaxy's food chain by eating any Blobs smaller than it. The more your Blob eats the bigger it gets! Once your Blob outgrows one galaxy it's on to the next. But beware, each new galaxy is a little meaner than the last with even more blobs that are both bigger and faster. A Blob can really work up an appetite but never fear, the Blob Eat Blob Universe offers unlimited Galaxies for your Blob to conquer.

In Bloboids the action never stops because the Blobs never stop coming! To make matters worse, every Blob you face is larger than you. In order to deal with the constant onslaught your Blob is armed and dangerous. Shooting the enemy Blobs will cut them down to size by splitting them in half. You can cut the other Blobs down to an edible size and eat them or keep shooting them until there is nothing left. In Bloboids, no matter how many smaller Blobs your Blob eats it cannot grow any larger. The goal of this game is to survive as long as possible and gather as many points as you can. Fans of the timeless classic Asteroids will enjoy this game type.

Defend the Blobdom:
Defend your space castle against the horde of attacking Blobs. Shoot or Eat the attackers before they bust through the walls. The attacking Blobs are more fragile than the Blobs in the other games. Almost all of them are smaller than you and will explode in 1 shot. Don't be fooled, they may be weak but they have strength in numbers. Also, beware of the BIG Blob, it must be split before it can be destroyed or eaten. Each level unleashes a larger, faster, and harder to hit wave of attackers than the last. Unlimited levels for unlimited challenge! Don't feel like starting from the beginning every time you want to play? Not a problem, you can choose to start from any level you have previously beaten.

- The controls are simple: Tilt the iPhone to move your Blob and tap the screen to shoot
- Three games in one!
- Randomly generated levels so the game never plays the exact same twice
- Modifiable tilt control calibration and sensitivity to fit your play style
- High Score tracking for each game
- Everything is tracked! See how many blobs you have eaten, your shot accuracy and much more
- Resume games interrupted by phone calls or the home button
- Listen to the in game music, or choose to play your own
- Randomly generated galaxies so each one is different


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