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Hi guys, it is time to do some recycling job!
Help these bottles and cans across the road to get into the garbage bin but not run into the car head. It's simple but challenging!

These bottles and cans have come to live, and they want to recycle themselves. 
'It is suicide!'--Maybe you will think they must be crazy, but they call this 'REBIRTH'. 
Maybe it's like we humans need to take a bath to renew ourselves, who knows, but they are doing the right job to save our planet, aren't they?

In this game, the problem is the garbage bin is across the street, and the traffic is too heavy. 
These bottles and cans certaintly don't want to be squashed by the moving cars. So, help them.

Control these funny characters with your finger to get them across the road and avoid the moving vehicles. 
Note those bottles or cans with a green icon shown over their heads, we call this 'ITEM'. 
It means they can make a special effect after getting into the trash bin. 
It's funny, believe me:)

There are 4 kinds of bottles and 2 kinds of cans, they have different moving speed and bonus points. 
For example, the biggest one moves most slowly, but gain most points and time. 
And the small cans move fastest, how to use them, it's up to you.

Oh, there is one thing I forgot to say, you can get on the vehicle by getting in their trail! (Not the head part, it will be killed, believe me:P)
There are 4 kinds of common cars and 5 special cars in the full version game. Special car with special function!
Taxi pay you double points and times, lorry pay you 5 multiple! Try the other special cars in the game!

The level will step up after you got every 500 points, and the cars will become faster.
At the last, you must face a traffic with crazy speed, but it means challenge, right?
See how far you can go!

Different time you go into the game, you can see different scenes, daytime, sunset and night view, enjoy it!

This Game has the openfeint function within. You can upload your scores and share worldwide.

Helping these bottles and cans to recycle, and challenge yourself.
We really wish this game can remind people to recycle bottles and cans in the real world, to save our only green planet.
Hope you like it, and don't forget to tell more friends, big thanks!

For more infomation, please feel free to visit:
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