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Application Description:
A brand-new ingenious game BoxDrive awaits you! 
To put it simply, BoxDrive is a collecting game. When you first look at it, it may seem to be an easy-to-crack conventional collecting game. 
But wait, don't be so hasty in jumping to an erroneous conclusion. Once you start playing this fun game, you'll get what I'm saying-you'll quickly notice it isn't as easy and typical as it seems. A variety of challenges awaits you to test and improve your hand-eye coordination skill as well as to give you pleasure and amusement! 

The premise is simple: 
You have the "bluish Box" located at the bottom center of a room (each game setting) filled with sparkling score items in between moving obstacles. You maneuver the "bluish box", trying to collect as many score items off of moving obstacles as possible. Remember you've got only one chance to clear the game. That is, each game can only be cleared with a single chance at a time. And you have to clear the game before going up to the next level. There are 210 levels in 3 different difficulty packages. For more fun, you can select a Time Mode feature. The Time Mode feature has a timer function which allows you to set time and play the game within the time limit. Failure to comply will result in your execution. This Time Mode feature will certainly give you more fun. The less time you've got, the harder the game's going to be. Rush to clear the game before the timer runs out!

BoxDrive also has a unique control method:

Place your fingertip ANYWHERE on the touch screen and drag to eat away the score items. 
You don’t have to keep your fingertip placing on the “bluish box” from start to finish.
Easy huh?

Have fun playing PLAYRUN’s BoxDrive!

BoxDrive includes the following features:
1. 3 different difficulty packages.
2. 3 packages have totaling 210 levels
3. A Time Mode
4. A vibration feature
5. 2 different sound modes

A Special Feature:
Special Mode:

In this Mode,
1. Game will progress through each level in sequential order (*always staring with 1st level)
and the score will be accumulated as it progresses.
2. When you hit the restart button, the game will automatically go back to the 1st level.
3. The Time Mode runs automatically.
4. Because of the Timer Function,
you must clear each level within a given time that is 100 seconds, otherwise you’ll fail.
5. Colliding with the moving obstacles or hindrances, you’ll experience time loss.
6. You can challenge yourself to get the highest score.

Other Features:
1. BoxDrive supplies you with Apple’s Game Center leaderboard.
2. Options to choose from 3 different difficulty packages
3. The higher the grade, the more score gain you will get, and vice versa.

We appreciate all of your reviews.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G and iPod touch 4th Generation
Requires iOS 4 Software Update


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