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10/28/11 Unknown
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A relationship between student and teacher, nephew and aunt... Kyouichi and Saeko is engaged in a forbidden love.


One day, their immoral conducts was exposed in the school, to none other than a peeping perverted teacher with a camera.

"If this is exposed, your nephew is going to be expelled from school.." and with that threat Saeko is being sexually approached.

At first only complying to a single time, Saeko is drawn again and again into a relationship she can't escape from.

Being a widow but not altogether experienced in sexual matters, Saeko learns of new pleasures without Kyouichi, and lust overcomes her. 


Moreover not even Shiho, Saeko's daughter and also Kyouichi's cousin, whom is treated like an elder sister to Kyouichi, is spared by the perverted teacher.


                       Day by day, Kyouichi starts to realize the changes in Saeko and Shiho's behavior... can they ever return to their normal lives as before?           



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spurgeonryan posted 04/11/2011, 07:51
Who uploaded these impossible games!
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