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Build unique machines - from simple gearboxes to complex clockworks! Space is scarce - avoid redundant cogs in the wheel! Stack multiple gears and take the genre to a whole new level!

Groovy Gears is a simple yet challenging puzzle game. Your task is to arrange gears of different size in order to make all output shafts rotate at the correct speed. Unlike other gear-based games, Groovy Gears allows you to stack multiple gears on top of each other, opening up a plethora of new possibilities.

The game features 75 levels with increasing degree of difficulty. While the first levels will get you going quickly, a good deal of logical thought is required in the later stages. But don't worry: If you ever get stuck, you can simply skip a level.

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/ng/app/groovy-gears/id440718501?mt=8

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