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The Vectaran have attacked and laid waste to our home planet of Yukaria. Our beloved civilization has now been reduced to ruin and decay. The remaining survivors who managed to survive the planetary firestorm have left for outer space but are being viciously hunted down as we speak by the Vectaran armada. 

As one of the few remaining pilots left in the Galactic Battalion, you must stay behind and disrupt the Vectaran by conducting guerilla style raids on their home planet in order to slow their pursuit of the civilian fleet in space. Your primary mission is to lay destruction where ever you can in order to thwart their operations. Your secondary mission...Revenge.

Galactic Battalion is a 3D action shooting game where you must carefully weave your way through enemy lines to wreak havoc and destroy enemy targets to accomplish you mission.

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/galactic-battalion/id368478017?mt=8

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