Tenchu Z

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.34m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: K2 LLC Genre: Action

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
07th October 200616,837N/A6,837
14th October 200621,926-71.8%8,763
21st October 200631,028-46.6%9,791
28th October 20064750-27.0%10,541
04th November 20065589-21.5%11,130
11th November 20066420-28.7%11,550
18th November 20067319-24.0%11,869
25th November 20068285-10.7%12,154
02nd December 20069256-10.2%12,410
09th December 20061034635.2%12,756

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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MonstaMack (on 26 March 2010)
lol yeah I got rid of my copy and gave
it to a friend. It's Tenchu but in the
worst way possible :\
d21lewis (on 02 January 2010)
Just got it for $5. Reading your posts,
I regret it already!
MonstaMack (on 11 July 2009)
Game is not horrible, but what ruined it
for me was the online co-op achivements
and lacking missions. Not all missions
are available online, and the only
achivements that work are the stealth
kills. Pretty damn lame move. Oh, and to
top it off you gota beat the
difficulties individually for the
sponnyroad (on 17 March 2009)
terrible game
AnthonyW86 (on 24 February 2009)
Talking about egghead's, aren't you
forgetting something here travis? Maybe
the fact that the Wii has a 10 times
higher install base in japan than the
360 had when this game launched? So
yeah, so far in japan atleast it's a
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