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MARTHA SEAGULL is one of the most angry birds (or should we say hungry birds?), specially if she is not fed some french fries every few seconds, which makes her keep screaming at you. She got into a really bad mood since her husband Steven (Seagull) cheated on her...

With a group of friends, start with everyone's glasses full of your favorite drink and start the game in one or a lot of devices (for extra squeaking and possible new friends from nearby tables joining in). Taking turns, feed Martha a fry.

After a brief moment of suspense, Martha will probably just scream something at you (probably "Kakaah"). If that happens you're fine. And it's the next player's turn. 

But due to a disorder she developed after her husband Steven (Seagull) cheated on her, one thing that might randomly happen is that she might POOP: if that happens you have to drink (just a sip is fine). And you pass it to the next player.

After too many fries, she might also EXPLODE and there'll be feathers (and fries) all over the place: in that case you have to chug (finish your glass) and refill. Then you pass to the next player.

Variations: you can play with shots, one or two depending in what happens to Martha. Or you can just use it to decide who pays for the next round. Whatever... just have fun, and DRINK IN MODERATION!

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