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Virtual Carrier Landing Ops
Advanced 3D cockpit flight simulator.
for 2nd,3rd and 4th gen devices.

Get your feet Wet with one of the most unique flight simulators available to date for any mobile device. You can feel the G's in this true 3D cockpit, no two dimensional overlays, this is the real thing.You are virtually sitting inside a working 3D model of an FA-18 Hornet with functioning cockpit buttons , Multi Function Displays, HUD and Enhanced Voice Messaging Unit (EVMU) . Hands On Throttle And Stick(H.O.T.A.S.) Layout puts all vital controls at you finger tips, keeping you focused on flight, no more scrolling in-flight menus.
In This Episode...
Fly off a naval aircraft carrier. complete with Landing Signal Officer (LSO) to guide you in and grade your landings.
Complete Avionics Package for Realistic ILS Landings at Sea, IFOLS, Heads up Glide-slope indicators,Nav Computer, and yes even a compass. Review performance with DVR stye flight recorder and replay.

More to come....
Air/Ground, and Fleet Support missions, online battle field coming soon, but first you must prove your skills and earn you wings before you can be trusted with a 30 milion dollar military machine ;}

Quick Start Advice:
Don't stay on the deck too long or you will get into traffic, and possibly cause an accident, the replay plane is set to about a 2m30s loop, if you land, you can hold eject during recovery to avoid replay, and continue to Taxi. other wise the tape will record from the point you exit the replay, this is useful for syncing your replay plane to your pace, you should keep a minimum of 15sec interval when landing with traffic ahead but 30sec is recommended
if you 'swipe' a control button you can lock it on, this is not a bug, tap it again to turn it off

weapons are a sneak preview, wont cause damage,but you can practice with your wing-man,


Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/marine-aviator-fa-18-cq/id458745585?mt=8

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