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A parallel dimension has been discovered…

Ghosts Attack is an immersive first person shooter for the iPhone that integrates real time mapping technology with a dynamic alternate reality gaming (ARG) experience. 

Unravel a fascinating story regarding the disappearance of thirteen scientists -- accidentally transported to a parallel dimension in a failed teleportation experiment. Too dangerous for humans, the company that employed the scientists is now dispatching remote controlled Rovers to explore and conquer the new realm. Experience fast shooting action as you fight the hostile inhabitants, and enjoy continuous delivery of new content, ranging from in-game updates to new episodes. 

In the Late 1960's, Torgan Science developed a low-cost, shipping system that instantaneously teleported packages to their destinations. While experimenting with human cargo, a catastrophic system failure ripped a portal into a parallel dimension. Thirteen Torgan scientists were pulled in, but only one reached the final destination. 

Further exploration was deemed too dangerous, until now...

The creation of the Torgan Science Amateur Explorer Program (TSAEP) has delivered the means to safely navigate and explore this hostile dimension. As a new recruit, you'll use your iPhone to remotely control an advanced Rover Explorer. Chart new territory and deploy outpost beacons for other Pilots. Exploration is rewarded with credits to use on upgrades and repairs -- so you can explore more! Battle the hostile natives as you blast your way though this uncharted frontier and discover the secrets of the Torgan 13. 

•Pilot your Rover in a parallel dimension with the iPhone’s tilt, tap and slide functionality. 
•Navigate a standard maps interface to play anywhere in the world - on your own street or halfway across the globe. This feature makes the game infinitely re-playable in any number of different locations around the world. 
•Escape into an alternate reality and delve into the story to bring yourself closer to uncovering the secrets of the Torgan 13. 
•Follow the unfolding story through episodic content with new feautres including weapons, characters and vehicles.
•In-game guidance from Karl, the Torgan Science Rover technician. He'll be providing assignments from Torgan Science and joining you in your investigations. 
•Blast the mysterious hostile inhabitants that stalk your every move.
•Establish Outpost Beacons to secure exploration areas. 

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ghosts-attack/id338573927?mt=8

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