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Introducing the latest in endurance platformer challenges, targeted for kids but can be enjoyed at all casual gaming levels. 

This new arcade title pits the player against wave after wave of foes who seek to deter you from reaching your goal, which is simply a race to get from one end of the Cloudgate to the other collecting as many stars as you can and get the highest score possible before time runs out. 

There are also secret "trinkets" hidden on certains levels that grant you bonus points if you can find them. 
Non-stop classic arcade gameplay for today's portable martket. 
Get the high-score saved and show off to your friends,...or challenge them to see who can claim the right to be called "The Guardian Of Cloudgate".

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-guardian-of-cloudgate/id419056561?mt=8

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