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Handloft 2011



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Gunstar From Hell is a world of delight at your tip fingers.It's simple ,fun,and full of challenging. 
It's tells a story about revenge.
He is a killer from the hell.But he is different from the ghosts. Everyone knows.
He is a cold-blooded man now ,but he is not the case before.
Hundred years ago,He lived a happy life with his wife.But just because of the girl's beautiful,the ghosts snatched that girl.After that time ,the man changed himself,he wants to save his wife.So he trains himself shooting beer bottles just outside their house.
When you playing this game,you should shoot beer bottles as more as possible, for the greater number of bottles you get,the more scores you will get.During this process ,you must be careful not to play to the fish,and shooting clock can extend your time. Of course,that's not enough,there are more surprise waiting for you !
It will provide everyone much fun and wow!
"Gunstar From Hell "is highly welcomed by thousands of player,they are not only addicted to the beautiful story ,but also love the gameplay 。
Everybody wants to be itself's hero,now it's a chance to be yourself's hero.
Just start the revenge journey !Wait for no time. 

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/gunstar-from-hell/id465893971?mt=8

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