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The Sims 2: Happy Shop Life!





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02/28/06 Electronic Arts
03/16/06 Electronic Arts
03/03/06 Electronic Arts

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Now your Sims can create their own businesses. They can design their own clothing boutique, beauty salon, florist, high-end electronics shop, bustling restaurant chain, or virtually any other type of business. Hire your staff as the business grows and put talented Sims to work making toys, running the register, crafting floral bouquets, giving sales pitches, or manufacturing robots. But watch out for slacker employees and be prepared to fire them on the spot. From clever tinkerer to master craftsman, develop your Sim's talents to best suit your business needs. Will they build a thriving business empire or become eccentric entrepreneurs designing the next big thing? (http://thesims2.ea.com/about/ep3_index.php)

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Opinion (3)

ROFLMAO posted 26/07/2012, 03:21
Heaps of fun and probably the last decent expansion before they started getting boring. Building huge businesses was great fun in this game.
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Chevinator123 posted 28/02/2011, 12:41
my fav expansion id build huge stores like massic taking up the whole block of land and putting like 100 tvs and stuff in there lol
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YoppaDo posted 06/04/2008, 12:47
This is possibly my favourite expansion (between this and Nightlife). Just a shame it needs so many mods to make it work properly.
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