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01/31/00 Maxis
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03/23/01 Electronic Arts

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Brace yourselves! The Sims™ are coming to console near you. Create and control your Sims with new level-based and two-player modes. Or enjoy the classic open-ended gameplay of the original PC game. Customize your Sims' personality and appearance then move into the neighborhood. Get a job, make friends and advance through your career and life's big moments. Unlock new objects and bigger houses along the way. Meet, flirt and fight with a neighborhood full of wild characters. You can also load your Sims onto a memory card and play on a friend's system.


Source - www.electronicarts.co.uk (publisher)

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2 n/a n/a 132 44 176
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Opinion (14)

Boutros posted 26/03/2010, 02:54
This game was awesome. One of the best PC game ever.
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Buzzi posted 11/07/2009, 12:58
The sims original >>>>The sims 2 >>>> The sims 3...
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Wookaroo posted 12/02/2009, 05:21
I'd have to agree with Ash. Constant stuff packs are just lame. They already get enough out of people with the crazy amount of expansions.

I tried out Sims 2, but realized it was just too expensive. I could be spending all that money on individual games. This is why the Sims 1 will be my favorite of the series.
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pokemonfan_2611 posted 13/01/2009, 01:36
the sims are the best
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Ashkihyena posted 06/01/2009, 07:19
Yay The Sims, back when EA didn't try to bleed us with stuff packs.
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Untouch posted 01/08/2008, 09:42
move_objects_on = infinite hours of fun!

If you go in building mode soon enough right when a fire is created you could sell it.
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