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Sly Raccoon

Kaitou Sly Cooper



Sucker Punch



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09/23/02 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/06/03 Sony Computer Entertainment
01/17/03 Sony Computer Entertainment

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There’s a new thief in town!

Sly Cooper, the notorious international thief, is out to reclaim what is rightfully his. The family heirloom’s been stolen and Sly wants it back! Using a repertoire of sneaky moves, get ready to infiltrate the most secure places in the world.

Rooftop chases, narrow escapes and dodging security guards with ninja-style jumping. Stealth and smarts are all you need.

Spotlights, alarms, infrared lasers and tripwires – puuhlease. They don’t call him Sly for nothing!

When you’re as good as he is, grabbing priceless jewels and emptying casinos is like taking candy from a baby.

He’s one cunning, devious, thievius raccoonus!


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MetalSabe posted 14/05/2009, 10:42
I'm surprised they didn't take to this in Europe.
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Wickedshyn posted 26/04/2009, 01:30
Really fun game.
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Majin-Tenshinhan posted 25/04/2009, 08:28
lol, I like how this sold almost a million in the US, and still total sales are barely above a million ... Definitely region-focused, huh.
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Simulacrum posted 04/03/2009, 08:51
Sequels were HUGE sellers in Finland.
All did 30k in fist months.
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*~Onna76~* posted 27/11/2008, 05:48
In Europe this game is called Sly Raccoon.
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Gearbox posted 05/11/2008, 10:37
comon update thes sales
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