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In forest, there lived a group of happy young moles. There is no power, no political, not war, and what they have are just happiness. But lately, their homes occupied by humans, their forests are cut down by humans.

Food has become extremely scarce. To survive, they want to recapture their own food and homes. But human beings are not to be outdone, they use scientific and technological ways of civilization to against defenseless mole now.

War began. . . . . .

★ Exciting levels;
★ Exciting boss fighting;
★ Different scenes; 
★ OpenFeint leaderboard;
★ More props like: Jackstone, rocket, perfume, pesticide, spy, music, balloon, electric fan, bank, spring;

How to play:
There are 2 or 3 minutes time limit in each level, you will win if you keep the average weight of moles below the max value at the end of the level, or you will fail when the moles are overweight during the game.
Select the prop in the props bar and placed on the ground after choosing, each prop has different price, function, recharging and existing time, click the MORE button to select the other group of props.
The moles will be prevented when they are walking through the props you just placed.
Are you interested? Lets us play together!

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/forest-craft/id408600234?mt=8

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