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ABM Command (formerly called DEFCON 1) is the definitive missile defense game on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Use Anti-Ballistic Missiles - ABMs - to defend your cities and mans against onslaughts of enemy ICBMs -- then turn the game around and fire your missiles at the enemy for devastating counter-attacks!

At the end of each day, purchase offensive and defensive special weapons from the local arms dealer, increasing your combat capability for the following engagement!

Offensive weapons
- Tomahawk (smart) Missile
- "Tiny" bunker buster
- Bomber Wing air strike
- Orbital Space Laser
- Automatic targeting system

Defensive weapons
- Death blossom missile system
- Radar targeting system
- AAA cannon (anti-aircraft artillery)
- National party (revitalizes cities)

Play as one of six fictional nations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses!

More information available online at http://www.sideprojectgames.com/


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