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Get ready for the Angry Birds killer! From the team that brought you last year’s hit Crap of Defense, iFun4All, comes the next iteration of this hugely original tower defense franchise that’s perfect for those of you that are tired of flinging poor birdies at innocent piggies and causing destruction of property – Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder!

Load your cannons and take aim against a sea of uniquely drawn and animated enemy soldiers in Paper Wars, Cannon Fodder, the most unique tower defense app around! Blast your way through increasingly difficult missions and baddies as you work your way toward unlocking over 50 OpenFeint achievements. From land mines to air strikes, players can create mass explosions to wipe out the battlefield before reaching a certain amount of “killz” and not letting the predetermined amount of enemies through.

Features for Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder include:

-- Over 80 levels and three survival modes!

-- Completely new and revamped campaign (three in total)

-- Full OpenFeint integration, including over 50 achievements, full leaderboard support, top scores and game tracking

-- 15 different enemy types, 24 power-ups and 252 medals to earn!

-- Powerful statistics system to keep track of all your actions and accomplishments!

-- Spiritual sequel to Crap of Defense, one of 2010’s highest rated and most original apps

-- Various play modes provide hours of fun for even the most hardcore tower defense junkie

-- A unique and original art style unlike anything else



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spurgeonryan posted 30/09/2011, 06:24
ODC or Machina did not want to review this game as well?
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