Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.47m
Platform: WiiAlso on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Xbox, Microsoft Windows
Developer: EA Redwood Shores Genre: Sports

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
17th March 2007567,591N/AN/A
24th March 2007536,161-46.5%N/A
31st March 2007523,974-33.7%N/A
07th April 2007517,725-26.1%N/A
14th April 2007515,592-12.0%N/A
21st April 2007514,621-6.2%N/A
28th April 2007514,161-3.1%N/A
05th May 2007513,239-6.5%N/A
12th May 2007512,800-3.3%N/A
19th May 2007512,335-3.6%N/A
26th May 2007511,262-8.7%N/A
02nd June 2007510,760-4.5%N/A
09th June 2007510,202-5.2%N/A
16th June 2007510,033-1.7%N/A
23rd June 2007510,4484.1%N/A
30th June 2007512,94723.9%N/A
07th July 200758,331-35.7%N/A
14th July 200758,5803.0%N/A
21st July 200759,57911.6%N/A
28th July 200759,311-2.8%N/A
04th August 200758,721-6.3%N/A
11th August 200758,018-8.1%N/A
18th August 200757,688-4.1%N/A
25th August 200757,301-5.0%N/A
01st September 200756,406-12.3%N/A
08th September 200755,099-20.4%N/A
15th September 200753,640-28.6%N/A
22nd September 200753,229-11.3%N/A
29th September 200752,585-19.9%N/A
06th October 200752,255-12.8%N/A
13th October 200752,000-11.3%N/A
20th October 200751,791-10.5%N/A
27th October 200751,525-14.9%N/A
03rd November 200751,476-3.2%N/A
10th November 200751,5696.3%N/A
17th November 200751,94223.8%N/A
24th November 200753,13361.3%N/A
01st December 200752,328-25.7%N/A
08th December 200752,106-9.5%N/A
15th December 200752,2054.7%N/A
22nd December 200752,86529.9%N/A
29th December 200751,816-36.6%N/A
05th January 200851,332-26.7%N/A
12th January 200851,021-23.3%N/A
19th January 20085824-19.3%N/A
26th January 200858735.9%N/A
02nd February 200858982.9%N/A
09th February 2008599911.2%N/A
16th February 20085735-26.4%N/A
23rd February 2008597833.1%N/A
01st March 200859941.6%N/A
08th March 20085679-31.7%N/A
15th March 2008592736.5%N/A
22nd March 200851,08517.0%N/A
29th March 20085716-34.0%N/A
05th April 2008581614.0%N/A
12th April 20085664-18.6%N/A
19th April 2008588833.7%N/A
26th April 20085734-17.3%N/A
03rd May 200851,33481.7%N/A
10th May 20085841-37.0%N/A
17th May 20085720-14.4%N/A
24th May 200851,05947.1%N/A
31st May 20085699-34.0%N/A
07th June 20085691-1.1%N/A
14th June 20085674-2.5%N/A
21st June 200856841.5%N/A
28th June 2008579215.8%N/A
05th July 20085621-21.6%N/A
12th July 20085618-0.5%N/A
19th July 200856515.3%N/A
26th July 20085611-6.1%N/A
02nd August 20085585-4.3%N/A
09th August 20085538-8.0%N/A
16th August 20085496-7.8%N/A
23rd August 200854980.4%N/A
30th August 20085492-1.2%N/A
06th September 20085438-11.0%N/A
13th September 200854676.6%N/A
20th September 20085374-19.9%N/A
27th September 200853852.9%N/A
04th October 20085341-11.4%N/A
11th October 200853471.8%N/A
18th October 20085340-2.0%N/A
25th October 200853647.1%N/A
01st November 200853804.4%N/A
08th November 20085364-4.2%N/A
15th November 20085346-4.9%N/A
22nd November 2008540216.2%N/A
29th November 20085820104.0%N/A
06th December 20085635-22.6%N/A
13th December 2008597152.9%N/A
20th December 200851,16419.9%N/A
27th December 200851,1750.9%N/A
03rd January 20095538-54.2%N/A
10th January 20095369-31.4%N/A
17th January 20095313-15.2%N/A
24th January 20095305-2.6%N/A
31st January 20095265-13.1%N/A
07th February 20095233-12.1%N/A
14th February 20095199-14.6%N/A
21st February 2009522915.1%N/A
28th February 20095200-12.7%N/A
07th March 200952168.0%N/A
14th March 200952337.9%N/A
21st March 20095218-6.4%N/A
28th March 20095193-11.5%N/A
04th April 20095176-8.8%N/A
11th April 20095162-8.0%N/A
18th April 20095142-12.3%N/A
25th April 20095124-12.7%N/A
02nd May 20095112-9.7%N/A
09th May 2009598-12.5%N/A
16th May 2009589-9.2%N/A
23rd May 200959810.1%N/A
30th May 2009510911.2%N/A
06th June 200951144.6%N/A
13th June 20095107-6.1%N/A
20th June 200951080.9%N/A
27th June 200951090.9%N/A
04th July 20095102-6.4%N/A
11th July 2009587-14.7%N/A
18th July 2009582-5.7%N/A
25th July 2009580-2.4%N/A
01st August 2009573-8.8%N/A
08th August 2009564-12.3%N/A
15th August 2009555-14.1%N/A
22nd August 2009547-14.5%N/A
29th August 2009545-4.3%N/A
05th September 2009542-6.7%N/A
12th September 2009541-2.4%N/A
19th September 2009540-2.4%N/A
26th September 20095412.5%N/A
03rd October 20095422.4%N/A
10th October 20095420.0%N/A
17th October 200954814.3%N/A
24th October 200956943.8%N/A
31st October 2009510450.7%N/A
07th November 2009515851.9%N/A
14th November 2009523951.3%N/A
21st November 2009540067.4%N/A
28th November 20095938134.5%N/A
05th December 20095754-19.6%N/A
12th December 20095433-42.6%N/A
19th December 20095267-38.3%N/A
26th December 20095198-25.8%N/A
02nd January 2010552-73.7%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.

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arsenal009 (on 01 April 2009)
@montana, 08 actually did better & it
only came out 5 months after this one
stof (on 14 January 2009)
You know... With proper Others numbers
this one also might be a million seller.
Kihniö (on 08 January 2009)
Did it got adjusted??
stof (on 15 August 2008)
Well now that 08 numbers have been
adjusted, we know it did do a lot better
in NA. We just don't have the others
numbers to add to it.
smac (on 06 August 2008)
So this version was on the market for
only 5 months before 08 came out?
Probably explains its lack of million
seller status.
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