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Papa Meatballs is a new twist on the classic "Shell Game" played on the streets of New York City. Papa Meatballs, a renowned chef from Little Italy, needs as many meatballs as he can get his hands on to cook his world-famous spaghetti sauce. However, his mischievous kitchen helpers like to play tricks on him by hiding the meatballs under pasta bowls and mixing them up.

Papa Meatballs has to find the bowl under which the meatball is hiding. Every time he succeeds, a meatball is added to the pot, thus increasing his score. If he fails, the game ends and there won't be any spaghetti for dinner tonight!

Papa Meatballs offers three levels of difficulty, each with a specific number of bowls in play: easy (3 bowls), normal (4 bowls) and hard (5 bowls). As Papa Meatballs progresses, the pasta bowls move faster and various distractions are randomly added to the mix to stir the pot.

A great game with great music to enjoy by yourself or with the whole family



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spurgeonryan posted 04/10/2011, 06:10
Whoa likena the meatballs.
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