Global Total as of 25th Feb 2017 (units): 0.47m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Microsoft Windows, Sega CD
Developer: Group SNE Genre: Role-Playing

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
02nd June 2007176,927N/A76,927
09th June 2007235,925-53.3%112,852
16th June 2007318,856-47.5%131,708
23rd June 2007412,216-35.2%143,924
30th June 200757,164-41.4%151,088
07th July 200765,249-26.7%156,337
14th July 200774,270-18.7%160,607
21st July 200783,735-12.5%164,342
28th July 200793,144-15.8%167,486
04th August 2007102,826-10.1%170,312

USA Annual Summary (Units)


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ShadowrunFPS (on 23 October 2013)
Best FPS ever based loosely on your
favorite rpg, what a shame right...
ShadowrunFPS (on 23 October 2013)
Im confident it would still be #1 on mlg
circuit still to this day. 7 years
later. You guys should be ashamed as it
killed alot of opportunity for future
RPG shadowruns and is likely why you had
to wait so long for a complete letdown..
out your own pocket to... so sad
ShadowrunFPS (on 23 October 2013)
Its not a remake of shadowrun. Did you
guys trully expect that from a shadowrun
made by Fasa INTERACTIVE... Did you
guys not even take the time to eduacate
yourself on the mission at Fasa
Interactive? You diehard nostalgia fans
need to get a grip and stop blaming the
2007 shooter shadowrun for your rpg's
lack of ability to keep up with modern
RPGs. The game is without a doubt the
BEST FPS EVER made. What your upset
about is that Fasa Interactive was able
to revolutionize multiplayer arena fps
with this game and your ever beloved rpg
version has and still continues to fail
at keeping up with other RPGs. Enjoy
playing your brand new 1990s like rpg on
your awesome new gen consoles, what a
waste of resources. Flash/browser based
games are better than the new shadowrun.
To call it a modern rpg is retarded..
The FPS shadowrun of 2007 would be the
#1 game on the MLG circuit if not for
you idiots and some other factors.
NOSTALGIA at its finest.
thewastedyouth (on 13 April 2012)
the game that killed FASA Interactive,
they should have made another Crimson
Skies or Mechassault game!!!
darkdayz (on 26 May 2010)
this game has not aged well
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