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Drawing on the very best retro traditions of games such as Defender and Dropzone comes Defence Condition - bringing the genre fully up to date with great music and particle effects whilst maintaining an old school feel.


Jump into your spacesuit and take to the skies as you defend your moonbase from alien attack. A variety of aliens will try to defeat you and to clear each level you need to destroy every spacecraft in the attack wave.

As an added bonus you can pick up your human colleagues dotted around the lunar surface in their blue and green rovers. By taking them back to base you will keep them safe from alien abduction. Return all of the humans to base without losing any and before you destroy the last alien on the level to get a bonus life.

One class of alien vehicle, the red and yellow Kidnapper drone will hover over humans and attempt to beam them off into space. To prevent this track down the Kidnapper and destroy it before it is too late.

To assist you there is a radar in the top left corned of the screen which shows nearby humans and alien attack craft.


Towards the bottom right corner of the screen is the control pad, move around in this grey circle to change speed and direction. In the bottom right corner is the red firing control.

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