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04/17/07 Majesco
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05/11/07 505 Games

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The non-stop puzzle action of Bust-A-Move is now on your Nintendo Wii! Old favorites Bub and Bob return with some new friends and game modes designed to take advantage of your Wii Remote. Face an all angle assault of bubbles in Shooting Mode, play up to 7 friends in VS. Mode, test your endurance in Endless Mode, or enjoy the classic Puzzle Mode from previous iterations of the franchise. If you're just discovering the challenging puzzle action, or are a returning expert bubble launcher, you'll be sure to find loads of bubble bursting fun in Bust-A-Move Bash!

  • Four game modes: Puzzle, Endless, Vs. and the brand new Shooting Mode
  • Vs. Mode supports up to 8 players simultaneously!
  • Master 500 levels in 5 Puzzle Mode areas
  • 10 different playable characters including franchise favorites Bub and Bob plus many new additions
  • Use both the Wii Remote, Nunchuk or Classic controller to hit bubbles coming from all directions in Shooting Mode 
  • New "Hyper" option speeds up gameplay while the "Slip" option lets you connect your fired bubbles to similar colors even if your aim is off
  • Gallery Mode lets players access in-game artwork
Majesco Entertainment

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KingHenry posted 18/03/2008, 05:52
SAME OLD THING, at least make the muti-player where you can verse your opponent by seeing who could advance farther into the game (old concept), not some lame free for all thing where all the players share one screen and the BALLS (lame concept). You launch your own BALLS into the on coming BALLS from the screen scrolling downwards and into other player's BALLS. BALLS, BALLS, AND MORE BALLS, actually i think they refer to them as bubbles...
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