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R U Ready" new version coming soon on 1,Jan 2011. Thank you for users, and please look foward to our update version!

R U Ready!

Do you know what "R U Ready" means? We will not give not any other meanings. Are yo just ready?
If you are not, you are not quaiified for this game.
By the time you press BUY NOW!, you gotta be ready.
Those who are not ready will only be welcomed by crows.

Then, what do you need?

- Dexterity : The slow bow before the fast and praise.
- Memory : Your memory will outrun those of Mensa.
- Strength : I could lift up 100 pounds with one finger after this game.
- Endurance : You are not addicted. You are only challenged.
- Intelligibility : No need to explain. Just let your friends play.

R U Ready has more than 50 stages with variety games testing your ability.
R U Ready may be just another game from App store.
But have you ever been the top of any of those games?
Sure being the top is not easy. But the merit of R U Ready is diversity.
Among many stages, there gotta be a one game that you are specialized with.
Let the birds go. Let the alien take a rest. Let the farmers do the farming. Until when will you feed the frogs with candys?
Save your precious battery life.
Challenge mode will gain you fame all around the world.
Experience what you have never experienced.
In the world where only remembers the best, R U Ready to be the best?
More episodes will come to you when you are in need.
If you are bored and need to kill some time, try this game.
In fact, even if you are not bored and don't need to kill time, try this game, please.
And let the challenges begin!



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