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Are you shaking your hands to hit strong rhythm while enjoying music? If yes, don't waste this energy. Drum Kit Sim help you convert your shaking into drum sounds. Select a proper drum, shake iPhone with rhythms, make sound to accompany music. Oh yeah, it really makes you high.

♫ Creative Interaction. To play a drum, you could just shake your iPhone as a drumstick instead of tapping the screen. Using accelerations, Drum Kit Sim makes your iPhone to be a drumstick : Shake it in the air, 'hit' different drums of a kit to sound.

♫ Design for accompanying iPod library. Move your body to get higher along with exciting music. Headset is recommended for excellent experience.

♫ 10 Drum Kits. Each drum kit includes 10 pieces: kick, snare, hihat, low-tom, mid-tom, high-tom, crash, cymbal, ride and metronome.

♫ Bluetooth Online Game. Two iPhones, connected by bluetooth, could be a pare of drumsticks. And you could also play along with your friends. Drum Kit Sim supports 4 players at most.

♫ Auto-recording and playbacking with iPod library. Drum Kit Sim remembers the timestamp of iPod music. So it could playback your drum hits with iPod music simultaneously.

For more info, please follow : twitter.com/AirballChan

REMEMBER: Hold your iPhone or iPod Touch FIRMLY.

source : itunes.apple.com

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