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War is easy.  Housecleaning is Hell. Attack of the Dust Bunnies is a humorous, fast-paced arcade shooter where cleaning day is the last line of defense against a horde of rampaging dust bunnies bent on household domination.

Put your skills to the test when you take the fight under the bed, behind the sofa and out into the garage with the latest in military hardware refurbished into handy household cleaning supplies. Use your Pine Solvent missiles to exterminate the cockroach riding infestation scurry across the floors, or your Napalm Sanitizer to stop the Ninjas in their tracks.

“Whether this is your first time or you are a veteran Dust Bunny hunter, Attack of the Dust Bunnies offers the best Dust Bunny hunting simulator ever! “- Franz Likter, Dust Bunny Hunter Magazine

“Napalm Sanitizer and the aromatic freshness of Pine Solvent Missiles gives your spring cleaning a whole new meaning!” -  Better Homes and Gutters 

- Play as Klink, a refurbished military robot now programmed to clean house and fight off the Dust Bunny scourge.
- Tap or swipe to target the attacking hoard.
- Fast-paced arcade shooter that can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore gamers alike.
- Delightfully cartoony Dust Bunnies with unique behaviors.
- Humorous visual and audible cues tie into gameplay.
- Six stages, each with challenging objectives.
- Bunny attack patters that will keep you on the edge of your seat everytime.
- Classic and Survival Modes to unlock levels or achieve a higher score.
- Score Board to record your victories.

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