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Celestial Safari is a real 3D battle game. The idea inspired from The Chinese Constellation that surrounds the 4 unique Symbols – Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tortoise. Each Symbol is formed by 7 Mansions. The 28 Mansions are:

青龙七宿: 角木蛟 亢金龙 氐土貉 房日兔 心月狐 尾火虎 箕水豹
Azure Dragon - Dominator of East

朱雀七宿: 井木犴 鬼金羊 柳土獐 星日马 张月鹿 翼火蛇 轸水蚓
Vermilion Bird - Dominator of South

白虎七宿: 奎木狼 娄金狗 胃土雉 昴日鸡 毕月乌 觜火猴 参水猿
White Tiger - Dominator of West

玄武七宿: 斗木獬 牛金牛 女土蝠 虚日鼠 危月燕 室火猪 壁水獐
Black Tortoise - Dominator of North

There are a total of 32 robots, each with different abilities, representing 4 Saint Beasts and 28 Animals from the 28 named Mansions. 9 weapons are separated into 2 major categories, which can be unblocked and equipped to the robots. However, only 8 of the robots are usable by the players right now.

In year AC XX21, a gigantic 'meteorite' landed in the central Sahara Desert.

Two days later, another similar 'meteorite' landed in the Amazon Forest...

In 2 years time, a Space Carrier was built using the technology found inside the 'meteorite'.

Researchers had found out that these 'meteorites' came from an unknown Black Hole, and believed it is the gate to another world. They started the engine, flying to the other world, thinking it is the 'heaven' of their dreams.
The black hole turns out to be a gate to the other world. However it is one-sided. The Space Carrier is lost in the new space, but it is not the heaven they thought they were in, instead they found themselves in another jungle.

The researchers on the Space Carrier found other debris which seems identical to the robot 'meteorites' that landed at Earth, but with weapons!! Shockingly, they found a dead alien on board. After studying the body of the alien, the studies shows that 'his' DNA is 95% similar with the Human DNA. The records from the debris shows that it came from the 'other space'. A map of this space was found in the debris' database. Exactly the same as the Traditional Chinese Constellation. Is there anything related??!!

The robots might not be the gift, but the invitation for Humans on Earth...
Now, they have to get the weapons on and fight for their way home...

Will you be The Chosen One to get them back on Earth?

Read the help menu before you start the game...

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