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Its not your normal turkey shooting game in this game the roles are reversed you are a turkey armed with your special modified gravy shooting gun. As the pilgrims emerge from the play field you try to shoot them in the face with gravy but be careful sometimes it could be a friendly face. You start off at a rank of an egg and as you progress through the game your rank increases until you retire. To advance in rank you have to make it pass a season of hunting with each season your limit of pilgrims to shot with gravy increases until you reach a maximum of 8 per season but you only have 10 shots to complete a season. Fail to complete a season the game is over. Happy Hunting
No pilgrims were harmed in the making of this game.




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spurgeonryan posted 14/08/2011, 06:39
Can you gues without looking at the synop what this stands for? I doubt it!
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