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Designed for puppies and dogs of all ages, this interactive dog training application makes learning fun and rewarding for both owner and dog! Out of the Box makes learning simple, practical, and fun – so you’re training your dog and you don’t even know it!

With this dog training application, you will learn more than just traditional dog obedience, canine commands, and dog tricks. This pawsitive training solution is an easy, practical, and enjoyable way to help dog lovers raise a healthy and happy pet. With this pocket dog trainer, learn how to positively reinforce real-world manners in your dog while creating a stronger bond for life.

With easy to replicate techniques, you can successfully reinforce the behaviors you want from your dog while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits.

Object of the Game:

This application is designed to help you enjoy life with a well-mannered dog while working training activities into your daily routine in a way that’s easy, simple, and fun for both dogs and humans.

• How to Play:
Determine who will be participating and how often you will be playing the game. You can play daily or weekly – it’s up to you and your schedule!

Next, “shuffle” to choose a dog training activity at random.

Select “play” and follow instructions on your screen.
When activity has been completed, you can choose to “add notes” and then mark the activity as “complete.”

Repeat daily, weekly, or as desired.

When all activities have been completed, you can “shuffle” and play again! Each dog training activity can be customized for specific needs and adapted to different learner levels to continue advancing your dog’s skills, so the game is different every time you play!

Learn basic dog training techniques like Sit, Down and “Watch me” with easy-to-follow instructions that help address real world manners like:
• Loose leash walking
• House training
• Crate training
• Doorbell etiquette for greeting guests
• Canine socialization
Learn important dog training and canine behavior concepts:
• How to set yourself up for dog training success!
• How to effectively adapt training activities to your dog’s
learning level
• How to give your dog incentives to learn
• How to choose proper motivators and rewards for your
• How to keep dog training fun

This dog training game is unique because it can be played just about anywhere and at anytime that works in your daily routine - making dog training less overwhelming and more enjoyable! You can also train and learn with OOTB’s interactive community!






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spurgeonryan posted 09/08/2011, 06:20
From the sound of the synopsis it makes it look like its not a game. But the title says game....so
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