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Need to fill in idle time with something to keep busy?

Twiddling your thumbs not fun anymore?

Want to watch TV and play iPhone games at the same time?!

Then you need:


Take the challenge!
Test your skill!
Impress your friends!

Featuring the latest in retro technology, you'll be amazed at the Single Transistor (tm) design!

Coin Toss Challenge has been known to *:
- Reduce stress!
- Aid your friendships!
- Make you the life of the party!
- Bring about world peace!
- Aid in the development of space rockets that look like chrome coffee pots!

*Trickshot Games Inc. provides no guarantee that Coin Toss Challenge will enhance your social life, bring about Utopia, provide happiness and/or enlightenment, and/or revolutionize technology. It "might" though but we don't know for sure.

Buy it, TODAY!


How to play:
- Swipe up on the screen to throw the coin.
- Wait for the right timing, then tap the screen to catch the coin.

Every 5 points, the difficulty will increase. You may see it go faster, slower, and you might even have to do it without the retronome at times!

In a hurry? No problem! Coin Toss Challenge keeps track of your score so you can put it away at any time and continue later! Now isn't that swell?

Want to see more?
See it in action on youtube!

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