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Alarm! Alarm! Every corner of your home has been occupied by the army of little goblins. To protect you own safety and keep your home clean, you have to declare the war on them, even though they are very cute.

There are four kinds of goblin.
The black one is the leader. He is very violent and fond of attacking. He spits disgusting yellow slime, and if you get shot by the slime, even once, you lose.
The red one is a naughty runner. Hard to kill because he is so fast, he also gives you very high scores if you can get him.
The green one is a lazy giant and he squirms very very slowly. He loves to get in the way and you can’t shoot him. If you do, you lose points.
The blue one is a magician. By shooting him, you can get two kinds of powerful tools. The shield protects you from enemy attacks and the lightening bolts kill all on-screen enemies.

Don’t worry about your weapons. You can shoot the tiny goblins on the desk with pen ink, in the bathroom with toothpaste, and even in the kitchen with tomato juice. Press the target on the screen to shoot. Of course, to kill the goblins you have to time you shot at just the right moment.To dodge enemy attacks, tilt your iPhone left or right, but remember you can't shot while dodging.

The battle starts on the desk, and when you pass the score limit you will move on to the next stage.
Good luck! And don’t get shot by the disgusting yellow slime!




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