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ColorMath is a game about calculation...but not with numbers, with colours! Do you know what the result is when you mix red and blue together? If yes, then take on the challenge of ColorMath! If no, ColorMath will help you find the answer.

ColorMath is a simple game for both children and adults. The goal of ColorMath is to identify the correct result when two colours are mixed together in equal proportions.

This straightforward concept means that young children can play and be entertained by themselves, or can learn alongside a grown-up. Children can learn colour names and basic patterns regarding how different colours are derived.

Adults can check their colour knowledge and test their judgement when adding one shade with another.

How to play:

1. Simply select two colours yourself from the wheel or let the wheel picker select the colours for you by touching the spin buttons.

2. For each new color calculation the player is given six possibilities and needs to identify the correct result by pressing the relevant color at the bottom of the screen.

3. There is a sound option (that can be turned off!) that gives feedback as to whether the player's selection was right or wrong.

4. If the correct answer was identified then simply select 2 more colours. If the player was not correct this time then keep trying until the correct answer is obtained.

The twenty-nine colours to play with are:
amber, azure, beige, black, blue, brown, chocolate, cyan, gold, gray, green, indigo, ivory, khaki, magenta, maroon, navy, orange, orchid, pink, plum, purple, red, silver, tomato, turquoise, violet, white, yellow.

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