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Tri-Dimensional chess has finally come to the iPhone in Cosmic Chess. Cosmic Chess allows you to play the same game that Spock played in Star Trek: The Original Series aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Cosmic Chess version 1.0 is a two player game on one iPhone or iPod Touch. Future versions will include the ability to play on two devices.

Version 1.0 includes the following features:

* Rotation of the game board to view the moves from any point of view.
* Translation of the board to allow a detailed view of any part.
* Zooming in and out of the board.
* Continuous rotation of the board for analysis and display.
* Any move is allowed, including moving the attack boards.
* Your game is always saved for continued play at any time.
* Reset of the pieces to the starting positions is available via the New Game tab.
* The Borg variant rules are included in the Help tab.
* User interface instructions and tips are also in the Help tab.

Future versions will possibly include the following:

* Send game moves via email.
* Show legal moves based on selected rule sets.
* Play the iPhone using AI.
* Play another iPhone via Wifi.
* Play another iPhone over the internet.
* Chat with your opponent.
* Themed pieces.
* Animated pieces and/or moves.

You can vote for the features you would like to see first. We will customize the game based on the most popular choices.

Please provide feedback, suggestions, and your vote at www.CosmicChess.com

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

source : itunes.apple.com

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