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You’re probably familiar with the cute, snuggly, fluffy bunnies that don’t want to eat your brains.

Well, these aren’t those bunnies.

It's the same old story told time and time again: A desperate farmer trades his last possessions to a shady scientist for seeds to grow food to feed his family, only the seeds are radioactive or magic or something and after they’re planted, grow carrots overnight that are eaten by bunnies that are now suddenly heck-bent on consuming human flesh, then the bunnies kidnap the farmer’s wife so he has to blast his way through seemingly endless waves of mutant, zombie bunnies to save his life and his wife.

You know, that old chestnut.

The good news is that you’ll have plenty of help along the way with all kinds of weapons at your disposal, including machine guns, rocket launchers, lasers, land mines and more! Plus, it’s Game Center equipped so you can keep tabs on the race to be the best bunny blaster!


Wave after wave of zombie-bunny hordes, ripe for the blasting!
A devastating arsenal of weapons: lasers and rockets and landmines, Oh My!
Two-Joystick control: One fer runnin’ and one fer gunnin’
Blocky-type characters that people seem to love for whatever reason!
Play 'your way' with story and survival modes!
Sentences that end in exclamation points!

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