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From the makers of iTaboo and iTaboo HD comes another great game that will keep you hooked!!

A fun-filled game that is easy to play and enjoyable by people of all ages, Crystal Bubble.

The purpose of the game is to pop all the bubbles that are being blown from the bottom of the device. If any of the bubbles reach the crystal dead bar located at the top of the device, then it is game over! Throughout the game appear various power-ups that help enhance gameplay experience and help achieve a higher score.

Crystal Bubble features a minimalistic design with a touch of glass to it. The backgrounds create an underwater environment, while the bright and colorful bubbles make the interface even more appealing. The game features a ripple effect animation between each view to add onto the underwater environment. The buttons also float to make it seem as if they are underwater.

The game features a simplistic bubble wave sound that plays between each transition. While during the gameplay, there is a bubble popping sound which plays as each bubble is popped.

Using the latest capabilities of the new iOS software, the microphone has also been implemented into the game. Once the game has started, the player must blow into the microphone to generate bubbles. A filtering layer has been added to the microphone, so it will not catch background noises and only a blow.

The game currently features three interesting power-ups. The first one is a Shake Bomb. Once activated, the player must shake the device and all the bubbles on the screen pop. Not only do they pop, but the player gets the points for each one of them. The second power-up is a Screen Block. The block bar is a long rectangular bar that gets placed right below the crystal dead bar, preventing the bubbles from reaching the dead bar. It also pops the bubbles and adds the points. The third power up is a Time Freeze. The time freeze pauses all the bubbles that are on the screen and lets the player pop them and earn some extra points.



source : itunes.apple.com

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