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01/01/86 Hasbro Interactive
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Dr. Ruth Westheimer's unique brand of frank, down to earth responses to questions on sexuality can now be found in a fun and informative computer game for 1-7 players.


Based on the board game by Victory Games, Inc.


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spurgeonryan posted 14/07/2011, 06:27
That is one of my proudest moments on this site.
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spurgeonryan posted 14/07/2011, 06:22
It was published by avalon hill on other systems, but for this one it is Victory Games Inc.. Avalon became part of Wizards of the coast, which is a subsidary of Hasbro. Victory games was a subsidiary company that avalon hill created with design staff from Simulation Publications, which itself went bankrupt and its rights were bought up by a company called TSR, Inc. which was the creator of the dungeon and dragon games. Finally this company went under and was bought up by wizards of the coast, which brings us back to hasbro.
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