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06/30/11 Telltale Games
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06/30/11 Telltale Games

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Agent Nelson Tethers just solved the biggest case of his career. So why isn't he satisfied? There's still the case of a missing eraser factory foreman, a whispering madness is still creeping from mind to mind, and a troubling recurrence of... creatures... is lurking into the town.

The FBI's Department of Puzzle Research has marked the case closed -- are they sweeping it under the rug? Or worse, do they not even care? Worried that the case will languish forever unsolved, Tethers must go rogue and venture back to the eerie town of Scoggins, Minnesota to solve the mystery of

Key Features:

  • Expanded range of tactile puzzles
  • Delightfully eerie, creepy and full of dark humor
  • Story inspired by indie-comic Graham Annable, creator of Grickle cartoons

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